5 Best Technology Tips For Accountants

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If you work in accounting and need to be more efficient in your work, there are many technology solutions that can be a huge help. Let’s take a look at five of them below.

Use Google For Searches, Not The Website You Are One

Many of the websites we use every day have a search function. But when it comes to software development for search engines, nothing beats Google. You should always search for information for your work on Google instead of on the site you are on.

Google will usually have more complete and helpful search results than any other site.

Use Excel To Do The Most With Your Data

Many accountants think of Excel as one of the most technological advances in the field for decades. Excel makes it easier to do repetitive tasks in accounting and also makes it a breeze to see data patterns.

These days, you also can rely on Google Spreadsheets in the cloud to do your spreadsheet work. They can be accessed anywhere in the world in real-time by anyone on your team, so spreadsheets have never been more convenient.

Choose Cloud-Based General Ledger Software

If you are an old-school accountant or CPA, you may be married to your desktop-based accounting software. But now is the best time to convert your general ledger work to the cloud.

You can work more seamlessly and securely with your accounting clients with cloud-based solutions such as QuickBooks Online and Xero. It’s possible to work with your clients and their tax professionals on these documents in real-time with no risk of deleting their work.

Take Time To Learn Technology

Your accounting firm can have some of the greatest technology and apps on the planet. If you don’t learn how to use them, however, you won’t be able to help your clients to the best of your ability.

So, if there are new software programs and apps being used in your accounting office, take the time to learn them by taking a class or webinar. If you think you don’t have time and will figure it out yourself, it’s likely you’ll waste time and never learn how to use those programs.

When you take a professional class about new software, you’ll learn about all the helpful features that can make you a more productive accountant.

Embrace Artificial Intelligence

Some may see automation and AI as tools that can take over an accountant’s job. However, many accounting experts say we should look at it in the opposite way. Your skills as an accountant or CPA are far too valuable to be spent on tasks that can be done by artificial intelligence.

Your practice should use automation technology to handle administrative tasks such as data entry. When your team decides to outsource expenses, making reports, and payroll to automated AI programs, you have time for essential client work that requires human intelligence.

Outsourcing mundane tasks to AI will boost your team’s productivity and allow you to devote more of your precious time to your clients in a way that adds value and save them money.

Remember, automation doesn’t take the accountant out of accounting. Instead, it gives you the ability to focus on essential aspects of financial and tax advising so you can provide vital insights.

Welcome Technology

Some industries are more likely to embrace technology than others. Some people find that accountants and CPAs tend to lag behind a bit. We recommend as accountants that you embrace technological advances because you’ll be able to provide more value to your clients.

Remember, your competitors will probably use technology in this way, so it pays if you stay ahead of the curve and embrace technology, too.

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