The Benefits Of Cloud Order Fulfillment Software

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A lot of small businesses struggle because of outdated systems and processes. For instance, they fail to organize their orders, which eventually causes low customer satisfaction. 

Since order management is a vital part of running a business, you need to upgrade it by utilizing a cloud order fulfilment system. With this tool, you can make sure that your order information is updated in real time. 

Read on to learn more about its benefits.

1.     Automated processes

Before the technological boom that added many new software solutions to a business strategy, most employees had to complete their daily tasks manually. But now, you can switch over to cloud order fulfillment software, which streamlines workflows. 

Tasks, like tracking and processing orders from customers and organizing fulfillment, are automated when you use the software. Specifically, you can fulfill Buy Online, Return In-Store (BORIS), Buy Online, Pickup In-Store (BOPIS), and Reserve Online, Pickup In-Store (ROPIS). Moreover, you can set preorder and backorder quantities, allocate inventory to certain channels, as well as configure custom workflows.

As a result of automated processes, business efficiency and productivity increase. 

2.     Secure information

One of the biggest concerns for companies wanting to move over to a cloud-based system is the safety of their data. Fortunately, there are top-notch security services to keep sensitive information out of the hands of criminals or competitors. As these could be rather complicated to manage, it would be best for your company to outsource its digital security or have a dedicated, knowledgeable staff member keep an eye on the system.

3.     Valuable insights

While on the subject of data management, insights into the progress and performance of the company are worth a mention. Providing excellent service and improving the bottom line often rely on constant evaluation and adjustments—all made possible by having accurate insights into the most significant parts of the process. Therefore, cloud-based software could be the best solution for your company to gather the necessary information to consider.

For instance, you can be notified of any changes in warehouse inventory and take prompt action.  Additionally, you can review how much stock you have and eliminate physical limitations, such as travel time and distance. 

In short, real-time insights will help you make sound decisions.

4.     Flexibility

Another highlight of using cloud order fulfillment software is letting team members access the information anywhere and anytime. Plus, customers can receive feedback or track their orders through the online system without the need to request assistance from your employees.

In fact, customer expectations have shifted in the last few years because of supply chain issues, frequent stockouts, and delays in shipping. Online shoppers now consider fast or timely delivery times as part of their purchase decision. Hence, most of them want real-time visibility into the status of their orders. 

Aside from letting customers track their orders, a cloud order fulfillment software allows them to send requests for shipping updates and returns. It also gives customer support staff members real-time data for responding to customer queries and provides visibility to any authorized user wherever they’re working.

5.     Enhanced accuracy

Using old, outdated, manual systems, like spreadsheets, or physically writing down orders in a book could lead to more human errors. You might lose a lot of time monitoring and fixing errors, that can impact your business negatively, such as slow processes and dissatisfied customers who receive incorrect or late orders. 

But with a cloud-based order management system that regularly collects and updates information, you can focus on business growth since you’ll spend less time on problem solving and conducting quality assurance. 

6.     Automated updates

As with any other software package, a cloud order fulfillment software will require an update from time to time when new developments become available. One of its best features is that there are no delays or downtime to install the updates. 

7.     Company sustainability

With a worldwide movement towards a more sustainable future, many companies are making use of products that will help reduce their carbon footprint. Relying on practical tools like cloud order fulfillment software is an eco-friendly approach to store crucial information since you don’t have to use paper or print documents. What’s more, you can add as much storage as you need to save important information.

8.     Competitive edge

To gain a competitive edge, you need to reduce stockouts. There’s nothing more frustrating than having customers ready to buy from you, but you’re unable to fulfill their orders. Out of stocks and backorders lead to financial loss and may influence your customers to shop from your competition. 

By implementing an effective software solution, you can set automatic reorder points, as well as safety stock levels. 

9.     Resilience and growth

Cloud-based solutions are known for the way they can quickly adapt or scale to suit the needs of any business. Software packages usually come in various sizes, so when your business grows, you can simply add more features to the system. 

Final thoughts

Fulfilling orders is a system that should run like a well-oiled machine. Once you invest in tools like cloud order fulfillment software, your business will achieve higher efficiency and get an excellent return on investment. Not only will customers be satisfied, but staff members will also enjoy working for your company.

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