3 Areas To Focus on When Improving Your Business’s Technology

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  • There are multiple ways technology has to be utilized in business, so entrepreneurs should focus on these functions.

The use of technology is practically mandatory in the business world. Internet technology alone is rapidly changing the future of business, even though it has been around for a couple of decades. The Internet penetration rate is currently 60% and expected to grow even more in the future, which makes online marketing even more important.

Technology has truly revolutionized business. Unfortunately, it can be hard to stay up-to-date in this area. It may also be challenging to know where to start. If you’re experiencing this, you’ll want to have priorities in place. So, here are three areas to focus on when improving your business’s technology.

1. Cybersecurity

Although in-person robbery is still a concern, cyber theft is likely to be your most significant security threat. This is especially true if your business relies heavily on the cloud. So, you’ll want to pay special attention to your cyber security. If you’re dealing with any federal information. There is a multitude of DoD requirements to follow, so you may want to bring in an outsider. NIST compliance can’t be overlooked. Next, bring a tech expert in to look at your systems. You’ll want to have firewalls, complex passwords, and other hacking protections on every computer. While this can make accessing files complicated, it’s sure to benefit you in the long run. Finally, while your employees may be trustworthy, don’t be too vocal about your passwords. Only management should know how to access the most sensitive files. It’s also essential to ensure that your employees are staying safe. Teach everyone to recognize spam and to use unguessable passwords.

2. Communication

As you surely know, communication is vital in any business. Fortunately, technology has made it easier to accomplish, especially for large companies. On the other hand, implementing this type of communication takes some work. First, you’ll need to find the programs that work best for your company. Look into document sharing and messaging in particular. Some obvious and inexpensive choices are Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Zoom, and Skype. Besides the basics, you’ll also want to find more company-specific programs. For instance, you may want a system that can send company-wide updates. While e-mail can certainly do this, a message is likely to get lost in someone’s inbox. So, since everyone will likely have a phone, you could pick an app to download. In terms of documents, you’ll probably want a program that allows sharing, commenting, automated updates, and similar amenities. Finally, since remote work is prevalent, you’ll want to adopt a video messaging program. Once you have these systems, it’s vital to train your workers. Try another one if a program doesn’t seem to work out. 

3. Marketing

Marketing online is one of the best ways to attract customers. In fact, while advertising in person is still helpful, you’ll want to spend most of your effort online. Start by creating accounts on social media platforms. Since most of these platforms are free, this is a great way to advertise without hurting your budget. Once you have accounts set up, your employees make regular posts. This could allow you to go viral, at least within the community you’re interested in. Next, you may want to buy website ads. Popular platforms like Google and YouTube are great for this. After you’ve created a solid basis, it’s essential to look at search engine optimization (SEO). Essentially, SEO techniques can help your website get more foot traffic. If your website doesn’t come up immediately when searched, you’ll want to work on this. Try to publish content with links to your site. Finally, you’ll want to focus on your current customers. To keep people coming back, continuous updates should be sent to regulars. Try to set up an automated system that delivers news, discounts, and invitations. 

While technology may not be the core of your business, it has the potential to improve your company significantly. Don’t worry if you have little experience in this area. Hire professionals, do some research, and modernize your business.

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