Do Academic Writing Companies Deliver on their Claims?

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accadamicIn this article we will attempt to evaluate the services which academic writing companies claim to deliver versus the actual facilities which students receive as assistance. We will reveal the truth about boys and books and the assumptions students make about these facilities versus the reality of the quality of assistance provided by these companies. Is the support provided a myth or a reality? To help answer the question, let’s look at some of the claims made.

  • 100% Original work
  • Expert writers
  • Free revision
  • Affordable prices
  • 24-7 Customer support available
  • Open communication with the writers
  • Deadlines comprehensively met

These statements are often posted on websites purveying academic writing services. For students procuring academic facilities for the first time, 100% original work basically means that the final work will be free of plagiarism. Expert writers, is fundamentally a testimonial by the organisation that the authors are qualified in the subject of writing of their work.

The Reality of the Scholastic Standard of Services Guaranteed

The academic or coursework writing services provided by companies such as that of MHR Writer and various others are mostly of a high standard. It is important to understand, that when sources or authors are quoted in an assignment or a report, plagiarism is eliminated. The authors are in fact, expert writers qualified on the subject of the writing of their projects. But there are some black sheep which do dispense substandard academic advice and have become more of a hassle than assistance. Let’s talk about how to sort the wheat from the chaff, to help you get the best service. First of all, it will become evident from the language used in the composition of their website that something is implausible. Here are the things which you should look for to get the best assistance.

  • Analyse the structure of the language used in the website.
  • Have a friendly chat with the online help.
  • Talk to the customer support before making any impulsive decisions.
  • Thoroughly question them about the terms and conditions of their assistance.
  • Ask about confidentiality.
  • Ask about plagiarism.

Guidance Selecting the Appropriate Academic Writing Assistance

By now it should be evident from the services page that almost everything carries a guarantee. The first and foremost is your privacy, it should be apparent from the guarantees section that all the assistance provided will take into consideration your right to write and personal confidentiality. The next factor is plagiarism. The company should have a strict policy on the issue of plagiarism and it would be even better if they guaranteed zero plagiarism. Finally, let’s talk about the issue of meeting deadlines. Every establishment will have their own way of guaranteeing to meet the deadline. Some corporations will give you a money back guarantee to meet the deadline.

The point to be considered now is what use is the money once the deadline has already passed and you still have to complete the writing of the academic task? Other establishments will give you complimentary editing services to ensure that you are getting quality assistance. These complimentary services are provided to assure you that missing a deadline never actually occurs and that you will receive quality work, no matter what. Even if there are any mistakes or errors in the final work you will also get complimentary service to rectify any of the mistakes in the final document.

Proficient Writing Comprehensively to Meet Academic Deadlines

When you speak to the customer support, ask them about the academic qualifications of the authors and the academic standard of the work delivered. The best service will usually allow you to choose your writer with the help of the profiles listed on their website. Always use secure methods of payment to remunerate for the provided help. If secure methods are not available, this is enough of a pertinent indication that the academic support provided is unreliable and amateur. It is preferable to initially assign a smaller writing task rather than one which is highly critical. Once you are satisfied with the work you receive and understand the difference between assessing and testing, you can always stipulate larger tasks.

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