About To Present a Webcast? Heed These Presentation Techniques

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  • These tips will help you launch a phenomenal webcast that your viewers will love.

There are a lot of great ideas that you can consider when you want to create an online business from the comfort of your home. One idea is to work on creating webcasts.

It wouldn’t be too surprising if you are preparing to present your first-ever webcast, or have only recently ventured into webcasting. In 2020, about one in four people attended more webcasts or webinars than in 2019, as revealed in a press release posted by PR Newswire.

The pandemic is one obvious reason for this statistic – but, while Tech Funnel points out that webcasts don’t require interaction in the same way as webinars, webcasts can still be challenging to present. Hence, you could benefit from acting on these webcast presentation tips…

Be selective with which parts you script

In a LinkedIn-published article, media coach Nadine Dereza observes that, while “scripting the main body of an online presentation can sound too stilted, … not scripting an introduction can lead to lots of filler words (um’s and err’s) and a feeling of disorganization.”

This is why she advises that you script only your webcast’s housekeeping, speaker introductions and closing message, and leave the main presentation as bullet points you would flesh out off the cuff.

You can try to repurpose other content from your blog and social media. If you know what content other people have found interesting in the past, then you can use it to get more traction from your webcast.

Include accurate and nicely-designed slides

While slides can literally illustrate various parts of your speech, you should keep in mind that people will be seeing these slides on a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet screen – rather than from a distance at an in-person event.

For this reason, your slides are likely to be under closer scrutiny than they would be at a traditional event. So, double-check your slides for accuracy before including them in a presentation.

Divide your presentation into distinct sections

One key difference between an online event and offline event is that, with the former, you are less likely to notice if some attendees leave and then come back partway through. Hence, some of your own event’s attendees could end up doing exactly that.

It would be wise for you to break your presentation up into clear ‘chapters’ so that, when an impromptu absentee does return or watch the recording of the event after it has taken place, they can more easily figure out what part of the speech they are seeing.

Don’t outstay your welcome

Generally, online broadcasts are expected to run for less than an hour. So, unless your webcast will have a superb big-name speaker or a large amount of variety, you should think about keeping the main presentation about 20-25 minutes long.

That way, the whole event should run to 40 minutes, allowing you to cover abundant ground in a relatively short space of time.

Acknowledge your audience

Delivering a webcast can feel like a rather lonely experience, given that you probably won’t able to literally see your audience in any way throughout the presentation. However, you should still speak as though they are in the room.

One good rule of thumb is to imagine you are conversing with just one person. You should also be careful with your choice of live webcast platform – as, in being so, you can ensure you will have an array of audience engagement tools at your fingertips during the presentation itself.

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