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7 Things Every Website Needs To Be User-Friendly

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Having a website that is user-friendly is incredibly important to running a successful business. Whilst you may have a site that shows your products and services in detail if it’s not easy to use, customers are likely to get confused and find what they’re looking for elsewhere.

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It doesn’t take much to make your website user-friendly, as long as throughout everything you take the time to ensure you think about the customer journey. Thinking about how you would like a site to look when you use is essential to working out what a customer would want to see.

With that in mind, here are 7 things every website needs in order to be user-friendly:

1. A Good Design

A good design is essential to having a website that is user-friendly as something that is too cluttered or complicated is likely to send visitors to your site running in the opposite direction. Try looking for designs that have a lot of white space and that can be customized to match your brands. Having the freedom to change your website design to match your current branding will make your site recognizable to your existing customers, at the same time as giving you the opportunity to change it in the future without the need to hire a website designer.

2. A Structured Set-up

Having your website set up in a way that is easy to understand is not only beneficial to your customers, but to you too. If you ever need to make any changes a small, simple site will mean it’s not too much of a difficult job.

3. A Responsive Layout

A responsive layout means that no matter what device your customers are viewing your site on, they’ll be able to see it a design that is optimized for that device. Most layouts and designs automatically come as responsive, however, it’s always worth checking before you make any purchasing decisions.

4. Clear, High-Quality Photos

If a customer visits your site and sees that your photos are not professional, they’re not likely to trust you or your product. Investing in a professional shoot can be an inexpensive way to ensure your site looks the best it possibly can.

5. Easy To Read Content And Copy

Having content on your site is important if you want to rank on Google, however, it’s important this copy is easy to read otherwise users may get too overwhelmed with by the extent of information you’re giving them in one go. Use short, easy to digest sentences to grab people’s attention.

6. An Easy To Use Contact Form (Or Visible Contact Details)

If a potential customer wants to reach out to you and can’t find a way to do so, it’s likely they will leave your site and find somewhere else. Having a contact form or email displayed that people can contact you on ensures that customers are able to ask you whatever they need in order to make a purchase.

7. A Trustworthy Host And Provider

Using a trustworthy host and provider for your site means your customers can feel safe when making a purchase through you. For more information on having a safe website, you can find out what the team at WPSitePlan think here.

Do you have a user-friendly website? Let us know if we missed anything in the comment section below.

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