6 Tools Every Online Student Needs

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online toolsThe Internet is changing the future of education in remarkable ways. Over the past 20 years, students and educators have become very reliant on online resources for research and collaboration. The Internet has also opened the door for students to learn online. According to the Department of Education, one in four students has taken at least one online course.

While online education is more convenient in many ways, students also face many challenges. Fortunately, there are a number of great tools they can use to succeed in an online learning environment.

Here are a few online tools students are using to learn more effectively.

1. Clever

Students need to log in to many resources on a regular basis, such as Blackboard and other web portals. Clever is a single login tool that allows them to connect with all of these resources at once. It saves online students a lot of time.


Online students participate in a lot of interactive projects. They often need to share photos of their work.

Exposure is a great photo sharing tool for online projects that require students to share photos. It is very easy for students to create an account with Exposure and they can login from their Facebook.

3. Edmondo

Edmondo is a social media application for online students and teachers. Many teachers require students to use this app to receive homework assignments and monitor the class syllabus.

Even if your teacher doesn’t require you to use  Edmondo, you can still create an account on your own. It can be a very effective tool to stay in touch with your classmates, so you can form online study groups and ask questions.

4. Video No.tes

Notetaking is one of the hardest parts of being a student. Fortunately, with Video No.tes, it has never been easier.

You can log into this tool through Google Drive and record videos during class. These videos automatically sync to your Google drive and can be shared on YouTube, Coursera, Udacity and other online platforms.

Whether you are a visual or auditory learner, Video No.tes is a great tool for taking notes.

5. Evernote

Evernote is a very popular note taking app. You can even use the voice to text feature on your smart phone to record your notes.

There are other overlooked purposes of Evernote. You can use Evernote to write your papers through voice to text. This can be a very valuable feature for students writing long papers.

6. King Essay

King Essay is a writing service which is useful for students in various situations. Teachers can also take benefits from it.

If you don’t have time to accomplish your work or required assistance from some professional, you can utilize King Essay. Not only you can obtain the fresh material, you can also acquire support in proof-reading and editing of previous written write-ups.

Are You Prepared to Pursue Your Online Degree?

A growing number of people are pursuing online degrees. While getting a degree online can be a very fun and a worthwhile experience, it isn’t easy. You need to be well prepared to succeed.

Fortunately, there are a number of great tools available.

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