5 Ways Small Businesses Help the Community

Small businesses are fantastic for the community. Not only do they create additional jobs within the area, but they also add to the character of the town. You may even know some of the business owners by name and go to the business out of pure loyalty. As a business owner yourself, you may even find it rewarding to know other business owners so well. So, how do these businesses benefit the community?

small businesses helping community
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Creates Identity

Many towns are known for their small businesses. Whether people come to see the unique antique store or the brimming farmers market, businesses add to the area’s identity. Each town will be different and what the people get from it will be different. Businesses form the backbone of the town they’re in and are a large part of the community itself.

Community Spirit

Local businesses know where their bread and butter lie. Having said that, it’s more likely that a small business will give back to the community than a big corporation. You may notice that local businesses sponsor sports teams or donate to charities. Business owners are often largely involved in local events that help out the community, not just because it gets the business name out there, but because it’s a great way to network with a target audience and find out how to get more involved.

Community Learning

Small businesses often offer potential to learn in the community too. Younger members of the community may benefit from apprenticeships or on the job training. The community may even be lucky enough to have political reform organizations where it’s possible to learn more about the various elections, your rights and which type of government you want in power. Community learning is very important; the more a community can learn together, the more opportunities open up for the people that live there.

Health Positives

There is so much focus on tackling mental health issues like anxiety and depression these days. Small businesses can have a hand in targeting these problems. Small business staff are far more likely to have a personal relationship with customers. So, for example, it’s far easier for someone with social anxieties to go to a small business and have a conversation than it is anywhere else. People will often remain loyal to a business because of the relationship built, rather than the product received. As one local business benefits from these kind of relationships, other local businesses will see an increase in footfall too.

Protecting the Environment

A town with several successful small businesses will do its bit to protect the environment. Not only are customers getting the majority of what they need in one stop- hairdressers, butchers, gym, groceries- but staff usually live within walking distance or a short drive away. That means there is less air pollution being caused because there is less traffic on the local roads.

So, if you’re thinking about starting a small business or wondering about the benefits of small businesses vs big companies, small businesses will always win the heart of communities.