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5 Sections Every Great Business Website Needs

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If you’re struggling with what information to provide on your business website, you just need to do a little research.  Though you are free to work your business website design any way you see fit, there are various design elements that have already been proven effective. 

Take a hint from those who have come before you, and start your digital journey off on the right foot.  Here is a brief overview of a few of the most valuable sections you’ll want to include in the design of your business website.  

Communication communication communication

Communication efforts are extremely beneficial to business in any form.  The more you can keep in touch with your target audience, the better you can cater your approach.  

Create a rich and engaging “Contact Us” page, and interact with your consumers.  Make a point to listen to what people have to say about your products or services, and make the appropriate adjustments along the way.  

Answer all those pesky questions

You may have already found that many web users draw up the same questions about your business.  Save your customer service professionals a little time, and create a pinpointed “FAQ” section on your business website.  

Take a look at an excellent example of a business website with a stellar “FAQ” page.  The Cooper Group knocked it out of the park down to the finest detail of their design.  The key is to provide enough information to be helpful, but not so much that users can’t find their answers.  

Provide valuable information pertaining to products/services

Every good business website needs a subsequent “Products & Services” section included in the design.  People will come to your site looking to scope out what you have to offer as a business. Don’t let web users down, and invest time in a well-built “Products & Services” page.  

Use high quality images to give potential customers a good look at what they are purchasing.  Provide short, detailed summaries of each entry, and always provide a link to the “FAQ” page for further inquiries.  

Tell users a bit about your operation

A good business website should clearly express the mission and purpose of the business.  Create an “About Us” section on your site, so web users can learn a little more about the true intent of your operation.  

Blog your little business heart out

Adding a “Blog” section to your business website opens up a wide world of opportunity.  A great business blog can be an invaluable marketing tool.

Your posts must be engaging and relevant to your industry to draw returning readers.  Research what it takes to create a lively blog presence, and start drawing new followers today.

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