5 Effective Tips for Creating an Eye-Catching YouTube Banner

Your YouTube banner should show off your personality and encourage users to stay on your channel. Check out these tips on how to design a good YouTube banner.

Known as channel art, your YouTube banner is the first thing people see when they land on your page. YouTube reserves a very huge space for the banner and the best thing you can do is take advantage of that for your branding.

This should be the hero image that people will relate to and it will highly impact your success. For this reason, you need to create an eye-catching YouTube banner that will attract your clients to your channel. Here are some awesome banner tips that may help you.

1. Product Showcasing

The channel art can be a prime real estate and you need to use it wisely. The banner takes the entire width of the page so you can add everything that could catch your customer’s attention.

Regardless of what kind of products you are selling, this is the best place to showcase them. Taking a different approach by advertising different products at a time works like a charm.

2. What You Should Include

Your channel art represents your business and it will also reflect your personality. Including your name and own personal photo in the banner design can build the connection between you and your customers. One of the best YouTube banner tips is using high-quality images that align with your aesthetics and style.

The logo needs to merge with the YouTube banner seamlessly and an upload schedule is also a good idea because it will keep them informed about when you’ll be posting next.

3. The Effect of Color Choices

You have two options here, which are contrasting or consistent colors. According to experts, a banner remains simple if it features no more than three colors and if you use different colors from the YouTube interface, your banner is highly likely to stand out.

Templates are also an incredible addition if you don’t want to do all the work and you can get some amazing YouTube banner templates from Adobe Spark.

4. Get the Composition Right

A YouTube banner is practically art and it attracts attention when the composition is right. They banner layout needs to be pleasant, the images need to be bare-bones, the frame should be filled up and you can add in some leading lines. Using visual cues, moving objects and bold-vibrant colors can all contribute to this and make the YouTube banner eye-catching.

5. Maker It About Your Brand

The major reason why you are creating an eye-catching banner is so you can grow your brand. While you need incredible designs and top-notch creativity, you still need to keep in mind that its a marketing strategy.

There is so much potential here so advertise your brand as best as you can. This is the best strategy you can use if you want your audience to move down to the videos the minute, they set their eyes on your banner.

Tips That Will Help You Create an Eye-Catching YouTube Banner

A YouTube banner can take your business to very high places as long as you don’t overlook it. Take full advantage and do everything you can to make it as attractive and appealing as possible. If it is eye-catching, people will want to know more and hence click on the videos. If you would like some more awesome tips about arts, be sure to check out our website.