5 Communication Tools That Your Firm Should be Embracing in 2019

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As the New Year approaches, now is a good time for you to think about your business strategy for 2019. Whether your company’s reach is global or intensely local, or you fall somewhere in the middle, every business needs the tools to communicate their message effectively. Below are five of the best technological options for boosting your communication abilities in 2019.

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VoIP calling

VOIP – Voice over Internet Protocol – is a blanket term for technology designed to let you talk over the internet instead of traditional phone lines. Skype is the most popular VoIP service globally and allows free calling to clients and colleagues living and working abroad.

This technology has been improving rapidly and can save your business time and money when used internally to communicate securely within the firm or with clients you have entered into deals with.

Search Engine Optimization

To connect with your market, you should turn your attention to search engines such as Google. With Search Engine Optimisation, otherwise known as SEO, you can optimise your content’s position for prospective clients who use search engines to look for the kind of services that you provide.

Through using SEO, you can make your online content easier for the right people to notice.

Memorable Numbers

A company is as memorable as its jingle. When you have a public contact number for clients to contact you on, it can often be surprisingly useful to use a service such as Planet Numbers to purchase a memorable number which can feature in your advertising and help build your brand awareness among customers.


When you are working on a long project over time and with multiple devices, it is inevitable that some information will be hard to find or become lost if the project is planned across multiple platforms. Slack is devised as a solution to this problem, offering a digital workspace consolidating all of the functions that workers need to communicate and work together within a company.

The service has been running since 2013 and allows messaging between account users without the need for text messaging or email. If your business does not currently have Slack capability, there are two tiers of subscription plan available, Standard and Plus – both of which allow secure audio and video calling. This capability would stop users having to split information over other services like Skype.


Mastodon is a focused social media platform, still in the early stages of adoption across the world, which makes it possible for your company or industry to communicate with like-minded peers and clients. This tool has varied publicity settings, allowing you to post a “Toot” privately, to your followers, to everyone, or to certain sets of the wider viewing public.

There are also two timelines: one local to your chosen home server and another federated to show the most popular and relevant information across the wider platform. If your industry depends on the movement and development of ideas, creating a company account and encouraging individual sign-ups could lead to great dividends as you grow the Mastodon for your sector.

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