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5 Blunders to Avoid When Buying a Fireplace for Your Business

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Most business owners don’t think about buying a fireplace for their space, but it’s a fantastic way to create instant ambiance as well as reduce the heating bills in your facility. So if you try looking for a cozy fireplace, how would you avoid the mistakes that can ruin the experience?

Save yourself time, frustration, and headaches if you guard against the classic fireplace blunders below:

1. Not Setting A Budget

Few of us have occasion to purchase a fireplace on a regular basis, so buying one can be tricky to budget for. Remember to account not just for the unit’s price, but the cost of installing it. If you purchase your fireplace from an organization that doesn’t handle the installation, you’ll have to connect with a fireplace installer, electrician, and maybe a local government bureau to devise a halfway accurate budget.

2. Getting Confused

There are many types of fireplaces — gas, electric, pellet, vented, ventless, and more — and lots of jargon associated with them, so figuring out what you want can be a challenge. Make sure to understand what the terms mean, so you make the best choice for your operation.

3. Buying Without A Preview

You’re probably going to spend several thousand dollars on a cozy fireplace. It’s vital to ensure that the product is suitable for your location. The best way to make sure of this is to work with a fireplace company that performs the installation itself.

You’ll understand better how the fireplace will be installed in your building, and any problems will be handled by the fireplace company. If you have to have a third party install the fireplace, you could encounter problems because the installer may not be as familiar with the product and won’t be as accountable.

4. Cutting Corners On Installation

You’re going to place an object in your business that contains flames. Safety is #1. Before you agree with anyone to install your fireplace, you should certain key questions:

  • Are they pulling permits with your local government office? This is a sign of a professional installation company. If they don’t get permits, you should go to another installer immediately.
  • Is the installer the same firm as the one selling the fireplace? You can use a third-party installer, but many consumers find the process is smoother if they are the same entity.
  • Do they take photos during the installation process to ensure everything is according to code?
  • Are the images checked by a team lead or manager?
  • What happens if something on the fireplace is ordered incorrectly? If the installer is a third party, this can pose a headache.
  • Will the installer release a Complete-To-Promise Record that they’ll let you see? It’s recommended that the number should exceed 90%.
  • Does the installer recognize factory warranties, including parts and labor?

5. Giving Up

Some business owners get overwhelmed by the choices and processes involved in a fireplace installation. There are a few steps that must be followed, but everything should go well with planning and preparation.

It’s crucial to find a fireplace company that offers a simple outline of the fireplace purchase and installation process. If they struggle to explain the steps clearly, you probably want to look for another company.

Here’s what usually leads to contented customers and smooth fireplace installations:

  • Detailed showroom consultation that exhibits several fireplace choices
  • In-home preview of the fireplace
  • Basic installation of the fireplace
  • Safety inspection of the unit by the contractor and local government agency

This process doesn’t guarantee you will never have any problems, but it lessens the chances that anything will go wrong.

Always remember: Adding a fireplace to your home or business is one of the best investments you can make. Avoiding the mistakes above will ensure a smooth process. We hope you enjoy your new fireplace!

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