4 Time Saving Hacks to Produce Killer Content

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When it comes to content production, it takes time, and when you consider most business owners and bloggers are inundated with tasks all vying for their time and attention – saving time when it comes to producing content is of the essence to most people.

time saving hacks to produce killer content

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The challenge, however, is that producing content requires a fair amount of time as you need to produce quality content – otherwise it defeats the point.  Indeed, if you duplicate content or create weak content in terms of the value it delivers it can sometimes count against your domain authority and brand credibility… rather than be beneficial to you and your brand.

In this vein, many people are looking to save time when producing content and this article looks at a number of ways to do just that.


Perhaps, one of the easiest ways you can save time when producing content is to outsource the task to a content creator, either a freelancer that focuses on particular topics and researches key themes to create compelling content that packs a punch – or using an outreach service where you get paid to feature a sponsored article.

In any event, the principle of outsourcing your content creation is what’s going to give you much more time – the question comes down to budget and quality, in that you certainly want to make sure you are receiving quality content, yet quality content tends to come at a cost.


There are a number of technologies available that can help speed up your workflow, for instance rather than spending hours proofreading content you could use review and approval software or spelling and grammar software such as Grammarly.

This way, you can focus more on creating content rather than perfecting the grammatical structure of your content.


If you’re really pressed for time, you can dictate audio notes and then have them transcribed by a professional company or a freelancer.  Often, this isn’t as expensive as you might think, and can save an enormous amount of time.


Today, people aren’t looking for long articles – they tend to be looking much more for quick how to guides that are in a point-by-point format, for instance, five key principles to saving time when producing content.  If you are pressed for time, you can search for a relevant article and paraphrase key points in your own words – for instance, if you are writing about ten things you can do to lose weight, there are tons of blog posts that already exist.

Presuming the content is your own, and you are writing out the key points in a different format using unique phrasing – this can be a speedy way to create quality content at speed.  After all, a lot of the time involved in writing content is found in the planning phases of what points you are going to cover.

In summary, the most efficient way to save time when producing content is to outsource, yet this costs money.  Using tools can help speed up certain aspects of content production.  Dictating content and getting it transcribed can be a good timesaver.  Then, if you’re really stuck, you could paraphrase and rewrite other popular articles to make them your own.

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