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4 Great Tips to Hire the Perfect Company Truck Driver

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Small business owners who have recently started out tend to post their sold products through standard postal services. This is understandable. It’s what they know – we all post things by heading into our local post office and having it sent by a chosen courier. But as your business grows and expands, you’ll find yourself having to fulfill more and more orders on a daily basis and this means of getting things from A to B will begin to feel highly impractical and will start to cost a lot too. If you’re trying to ship a huge amount of stock to a supplier, for example, your postage costs will end up significantly eating into your profits. So, where do you go from here? Well, a good idea is to invest in your own company truck and to hire a driver. They will then be able to take products over long distances for a much lower cost than you’d end up forking out on courier postage. Here’s how to find the perfect driver for your needs!

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Check for Relevant Licenses and Permits

A standard driver’s license does not qualify you to drive a truck on public roads. Truck drivers require specific licenses that show they have had specific and specialist training and that they know how to handle such a large vehicle. Make sure to check for relevant licenses and permits of any drivers who you are considering. Make sure to check their validity and take copies – never take someone’s word for it. Trucking is a relatively dangerous career and if any of your drivers cause or end up in trucking accidents, you don’t want to be held accountable.

Ask for Experience

Of course, everyone has to start somewhere. But generally speaking, it’s best to ask for drivers with experience. Not only is experience likely to correlate with better driving ability and quality, but it also shows that they are invested in the position and are likely to stay on. New drivers may find that the role isn’t for them and may seek a career elsewhere. Make sure to request references from previous employers to check that the quality of their work is up to standard.

Hire Sufficient Staff

Don’t rely on a single driver to complete all of your work, especially if you are expecting them to drive long distances or for long periods of time. Driving while tired is dangerous and you don’t want to overwork your staff. Instead, make sure that you hire sufficient people to cover all of the jobs that you need without pushing themselves too far.

Allocate Sufficient Paid Breaks

Remember that drivers need breaks. So, make sure that you are giving your drivers sufficient breaks. Make sure that breaks are also paid, otherwise drivers may be tempted to risk driving while tired in order to finish their shift sooner.

Sticking to the above advice will ensure that you take on the right member of staff to drive your business’ trucks. So, incorporate them into your recruitment process!

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