4 Awesome Promotion Marketing Hacks to Jumpstart Your Business

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Everyone loves getting stuff for free whether they need it or not. Getting something for free makes anyone feel happy. Many companies use free promotional items to hook their potential customers, advertise to new customers, and to get their company more exposure. While it may cost a company money to produce and distribute these promotional items, it is sure to hook your customers and keep your brand in their memory.

marketing hacks to jumpstart business

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Enticing New Customers

Many people are not willing to stop and listen to a sales pitch, but if you offer them something for free almost everyone will stop and listen just to get the free item. Promotional items that are given away for free are a great way to entice potential customers. By giving something away for free, you hook your customers and are given the chance to display information about your business and explain why they should try your business. After giving your free item, your future customers, these potential clients, are going to feel special and are going to be more likely to shop at your business. If you need help designing and manufacturing your promotional items, Coastal Business Supplies specialize in this area. Designing promotional items can be challenging because they are the first impression customers have with your business. They need to represent your company and all it has to offer.

Advertising Using Promotional Items

Marketing your brand and your business can be a very difficult thing to do since advertising typically costs a lot of money. In order to reduce the costs of advertising, many companies choose to create promotional items, like pens, water bottle, key chains, and shirts, that then they distribute to their customers for free. While this may seem like a waste of money to some people, it is actually a brilliant marketing strategy used by top companies. In order to keep a company’s brand exposed they can use promotional items to display their logo and attract new customers. For instance, if you are a start-up restaurant and are looking to attract new customers you may decide to create shirts or cups with your logo on them. Not only will your potential customers like getting their item for free, but it will also act as a source of advertisement for anyone who sees the item in the future. With minimal money used up front for advertising, these promotional items can advertise your business for years to come.

Gaining Exposure

Giving away a free promotional item with your company’s name on it ensures that your potential customers will be looking at your brand day after day. For instance, giving away a free pen may seem simple but it is something your potential customer will look at every day. Keeping your brand fresh in their memory encourages them to visit your company and provides you with increased business. Attracting people to your business with free items helps drive traffic to your company. It helps give exposure to your brand and what your brand represents.

Keeping Your Brand Fresh

Promotional free items help keep your company fresh in people’s memory but also helps you freshen up your brand name. When designing these items, you can redesign your logo, spice up your slogan, and make your brand more relatable to the general population. Making your brand fresh can help target new customers who may not be in your current customer demographic. For instance, if you are an existing business you are bound to have existing customers but you may want to target new customers. If you are trying to attract a college crowd, you may want to make your brand look younger by making your logo more colorful or more modern. Your company can then distribute these newly branded items on college campuses near your business. This will help drive new traffic to your business.

Promotional items that companies give away for free may cost money up front to make, but can drive traffic to your business and pay for themselves in no time. Everyone loves getting things for free so promotional items are a great way to find new customers and advertise your brand. They help your company gain exposure and can be used to keep your brand fresh. If you or your company is looking for a way to increase sales, you should try using free promotional items.

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