3 TED Talks Every Entrepreneur Must Watch!

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TED Talks are basically insights on several areas of life, brought to us by the experts. They can be fulfilling, inspiring, and chock-full of information and humour. Listening to these talks can make one become a better-rounded professional individual. Additionally, they can also help in one’s personal development.

Entrepreneurs, however, could stand to gain the most from listening to these enlightening pieces of wisdom. These are the people who need to have a dynamic view of life and work in general. TED talks can challenge their viewpoints and present several inspiring stories to motivate them further.

Of course, there are thousands of TED talks out there, and entrepreneurs have a limited amount of time. Hence, we’ve completed the few that are the most relevant in such cases:

1. “Creative Problem-Solving In The Face Of Extreme Limits” By Navi Radjou

Entrepreneurs are usually problem solvers within their businesses. In fact, problem-solving is needed at every level of entrepreneurship, whether it is hiring employees or dealing with them. One even needs it to get an idea off the ground and making new discoveries. Plus, we also need problem-solving techniques in order to manage our everyday tasks.

In this talk, Radjou speaks of how one can achieve problem-solving in the most minimalistic of ways. This means that an entrepreneur can learn about working most efficiently with the resources they have. Very frequently, entrepreneurs find themselves with tight deadlines, a low budget, and very little capital.

With this talk, entrepreneurs who feel to be at the end of their rope can gain new insight. They could hence find inspiration even when they’re limited at every turn. In fact, such a talk could motivate them to innovate more.

2. “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” By Simon Sinek

Entrepreneurs have to be excellent leaders, among several other things. Most importantly, they are the ones who occasionally have to galvanize their team into action. Sinek seeks to guide those who are lagging behind in the leadership trait by citing examples of the world’s greatest leaders.

In this talk, one is introduced to Martin Luther King and his role in the Civil Rights Movement. From there on, we learn about leadership at several different points in history. The examples end on Apple’s market leadership within the world of business and innovation.

Not only are the examples truly inspiring, but they provide a basis for an entrepreneur to draw ideas from. In fact, Sinek even points out some patterns which could help an entrepreneur determine whether he is on the right path or not. Moreover, he emphasizes upon how success comes from how a person produces a product or service, not just what he produces. This piece of advice would certainly come in handy for those entrepreneurs looking to expand and increase their sales.

3. “The Single Biggest Reason Why Startups Succeed” By Bill Gross

Entrepreneurship usually begins with a start-up. However, the success rates of startups are terrifyingly low. With this TED talk, however, an entrepreneur could learn the main ropes to making his startup a success as early as possible.

Bill Gross takes an immensely practical path towards the success of startups. He meticulously goes through all the reasons for some startups being more successful than others. This is valuable information for any entrepreneur since Gross has vast business experience under his belt. He is also a mentor for those who are just starting out in the business world and has seen many businesses succeed and fail.

Hence, you can’t do much better than such a TED Talk in order to understand what you should be doing in order to avoid failure.


TED Talks are a valuable tool for entrepreneurs today. This could be a way to get a lot of information and experience from the speakers. TED talks are conducted by the best of the best, so one can gain a lot of benefit by simply listening and paying attention. If you don’t have time to watch every TED talk, start with the ones above. They would definitely help you on your way to success.

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