10 Typical Mistakes in Writing a Business Essay in College

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Many students apply to business colleges because they are perspective. The business industry opens many doors for career advancement. If a student becomes a true expert, he/she may achieve a lot. However, it’s necessary to study well to become an expert. One of the common demands of any college is to write different types of papers. Nobody can write them perfectly at once. Students undergo different failures when they write. Luckily, one can avoid and overcome mistakes if one is aware of them. Therefore, it makes sense to learn 10 typical mistakes made by college students in business essay writing.

Too Long Words and Phrases

If you ask what error should come first, it may be lengthy writing. Students use enormously long words and/or sentences, which complicate the process of reading. Your readers wouldn’t like an idea to decipher your texts all the time.

Tip: Write short words and break long sentences into smaller.

Failing Grammar

Another typical issue of writing business papers is well known to everyone. It’s the grammar issue and it’s the pain of everyone regardless of their level of competence. This is something, which should be always trained like the body of an athlete. No matter how qualified you are, practice your grammar every day. Oftentimes, we forget things we hoped to never forget.

Among the typical grammar mistakes, one should underline confusing of some words. These are:

  • Compose and comprise;
  • Ensure and assure;
  • Principal and principle, etc.

Tip: Do some grammar exercises several times during a week. Use applications similar to Grammarly to check texts you write.

No Thesis

The next mistake is typical for all academic papers. It’s the absence of the main claim of an essay which a thesis statement. There should be one sentence, which clearly states the main purpose of your paper. Unfortunately, many students write weak theses or completely forget about them. As a result, the readers don’t understand what your business essay is about.

Tip: Compose a strong and clear thesis, which answers the following questions:

  • Why you have chosen the topic?
  • What is its purpose?
  • How helpful is it?

Forgetting Your Audience

Some writers seem to forget about the people who read them. They focus on their projects and don’t notice anyone else. Writers don’t think about what their readers would like to learn and whether it’s clear to them.

Tip: Use “you” to engage your readers and make them feel they are important.

Complex Sentences

Many students try too hard and it leads to another common mistake. They write too complex sentences. They seem to contain everything you should avoid in a business essay. These are long sentences full of unknown and overly specific words.

Of course, the business sphere is a separate industry and it is specific. Sometimes, it’s hard to write essays, remain specific, and clear. Thus, students should consider ESP. Most people know about ESL, which is English as a Second Language. However, only some people have heard about ESP. It stands for English as a Special Language and is applicable to business writing.

Perhaps, your only solution is to use online help. Thus, a competent essay writing service is able to write a specific piece of writing. For example, such services can write an essay on business with the required specific language.

Tip: Write in a clear straight-forwarded manner with well-structured and logically linked sentences.

Poor Planning

Another typical business writing mistake is poor planning. You are supposed to create a good outline of your project. However, students don’t write a plan and so, the entire structure is unclear and all parts are messed up.

Tip: Outline every part of your essay and fulfill one section at a time.

Watery Parts

Many folks write meaningless sentences. They don’t tell about any of the issues disclosed in a project. They simply fill in the gap for word count.

Tip: Avoid sentences, which don’t support your arguments.

Unknown Lexicon

Business writing is a specific sphere with its own technical terms and phrases. Many students try to sound overly academic and stuff their texts with all sorts of those words. It spoils the general impression because not all readers surely know professional business jargon and slang. Besides, there may appear abbreviations and acronyms. They are acceptable within a business organization but not for ordinary readers.

Tip: Cut out unknown words and replace them with well-known synonyms. If you cannot avoid using a technical term, provide an effective and clear explanation.

Failing to Be Specific

Some folks are vague and don’t specify what they write about. For example, students write “The company has earned a lot of money”. As you can see, the sum isn’t mentioned. You are supposed to name a concrete sum because businessmen love precision. Avoid vague statements.

Tip: Always plainly explain all the things you state in your essays.

Writing Jokes

Finally, some students can’t help cracking jokes. They think that a few jokes throughout a business essay will entertain the readers. They want to take off some pressure perhaps, but joking doesn’t work for business writing. It demands serious, professional, and formal tone.

Tip: Stick to formal tone and avoid any kinds of jokes.

These are vital mistakes, which are commonly made by most students. You should be aware of them and avoid in your writing. Moreover, there may be some other typical mistakes.

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