What Can We Expect From The Next Generation Computer Processors?

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Technology is constantly being refined and upgraded. The central processors of your computers are no exception, otherwise referred to as computer also. It’s the brain of the machine, relaying instructions and commands to all the other components to ensure functionality. From input to output, managing data and to all levels of controlling, it all starts with the computer processor.

next generation computer processor

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But what might we experience from the forthcoming tenth generation of computer processors? Companies like RS Components are always pioneering the latest changes in tech, but what will change in this arena? Do things stand to improve greatly?

Consequently, here’s what to expect from the next generation of computer processors.

AI applications

It seems that today, most new technologies come with some form of built-in AI. It’s almost an assumption these days as these innovations go from considerable obscurity to the fore of public consciousness. It’s in phones and speakers, and now it’s in computers too to help users in terms of accessibility and speed.

While some said that the future of processors would be safe but slow, it appears that the latter doesn’t factor in it all. The new chips make AI possible in these new processors, enabling things like facial recognition. Therefore, it’s providing speed in access but not compromising on security, bolstering it instead. There’s a middle ground here, and next generation computer processors are rooted in it.

Improved picture quality

Gamers are growing in numbers these days, and to get as immersed as possible, they require great graphics and machines to run it all. HD visuals are hallmarks of perfect games these days, and few sell well without them. Still, it requires a better computer processor to take things to the next level for things like 4K HDR and 1080p frame rate gaming.

This is what the new wave of computer processors can achieve. Crisp and clear images are all but guaranteed, and the days of blurry screens and laggy load times to process it all are gone. There’s double the encoding speed too, and it all ultimately leads to faster and prettier gaming.

Faster data transfer

Because computer processors have so much responsibility when it comes to relaying information, speed is everything. However, the next generation innovations some infused with things like Thunderbolt 3 and Wi-Fi 6 technologies that greatly enhance things here. It’s all for fast data transfer and ensures that everything runs along smoothly with no delays.

Connection speeds reach 40Gbps through implementing this kind of tech, which is double the speed of the last computer processor. It’s a big leap, and one that’s almost unrivalled and unprecedented in its capabilities.


There’s no compromise on the efficiency of the components here, with computer processors being leaner and fiercer than ever. Through implementing various other technologies and sourcing inspiration from elsewhere, users of the latest computer processors can expect fast and unfaltering performance.

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