Useful Contacts That Every Business Owner Needs On Speed Dial

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No matter where you stand in business, be you fresh out of business school or an experienced professional, there are certain people you need to have on speed dial. You never know when you might need them, so consider the following, and then add those people that relate to the contact types we suggest in this article.

useful contacts for speed dial

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Contact #1: A lawyer

There are all kinds of reasons why you might need a lawyer. You might need advice on employment law. You may need assistance with legal documents. Somebody may be threatening to file a lawsuit against you, so you might want to get immediate advice to protect your business. Whatever the reason, consider law firms such as Tully Rinckey, and have them on speed dial for whatever legal matter arises within the running of your business.

Contact #2: An accountant

If you don’t have a head for numbers, you really should have an accountant on speed dial to help you manage your finances. A good accountant will help you manage your taxes, give you advice on reducing your tax burdens, help you to make deductions across your business, and analyze your income and expenditure. If you find yourself with a financial emergency, they will also give you immediate advice on the best course of action, and help you put a plan in place to minimize further financial damage to your company.

Contact #3: A business mentor

Let’s face it. Running a business is tough, so having somebody experienced on hand to give you advice and offer your personal support will be useful to you. There is advice here on how to find a mentor, so if you haven’t yet done so, use the linked article to help you find somebody who can support you in your role. Ideally, they will be somebody you can trust, perhaps with experience in the industry sector you are working in. While you shouldn’t pester them with every question you have, you still need somebody who is willing to make themselves available to you regularly, whether that’s in an emergency, or for a sit-down chat about how things are going for you.

Contact #4: An insurance agent

It should be no surprise to you that your business needs insurance, but you may not have an insurance agent on speed dial. You should, as they can offer you independent advice on the insurance your business needs, and will help protect you from liability should your business face damages or a lawsuit. Rather than wait until you need to call somebody, follow the same principle you follow when getting insurance; have an insurance agent in place before the unthinkable happens to your business.

Contact #5: A friend or family member

Finally, you need somebody on the other end of the phone who is not related to your business. Whether you need somebody for moral support during the middle of a stressful day, or somebody to make you laugh and distract you when you are in desperate need of a break, add those people who will offer you the kind of care and support that your accountant and lawyer are too busy for.

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