5 Tips to Run a Successful Business When You Have ADHD

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  • It is perfectly possible to run a successful business with ADHD, but you have to take the right steps to excel.

Is it possible to run a business with a mental health issue? Absolutely. However, you need to know how to deal with it.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, more commonly known as ADHD, is a condition where a person, child or adult, would have above-average levels of hyperactivity and tend to have impulsive behaviors. Even though the condition may not let the person go on with their lives like all other people, it does not mean that you cannot get on with your life and do the same things as other people do. The condition is usually diagnosed in children and may at times follow them in their adulthood.

The reasons for ADHD diagnosis could be genetic. For more information on treatment for genetic disorders, you can refer to your GP or a healthcare expert at Click Pharmacy. Here are a few ways you can run your business without having to worry about ADHD:

Take one step at a time

Give yourself time and reasonable goals for achieving. Do not set goals like gaining huge profits once you start your business but think about smaller goals and achieving them like setting up the business, going low cost, or being able to get through the first month of business without incurring any losses. When you have smaller goals, they seem easily achievable. As you see yourself ticking out these goals, you find yourself at a much calmer place or do not feel as if you are tired too soon. For people with ADHD, you can very easily run out of energy and feel burned out, so when you are embarking on a long-term career journey, you would not want to be tired as soon as you have started.

Let go of distractions

People with ADHD tend to have comparatively smaller attention spans. As a result, they may get distracted easily, so the first step towards being goal-oriented is to ensure that your working space does not have any distractions. Not just that, you need to ensure that your routine does not have distractions. Just because your phone is near doesn’t mean you are going to spend hours on it. You might have to say bye to Netflix or gaming if they occupy your time more than they should or are hindering your attempts at being productive or giving time to your business.

 Have to-do lists

This is important for someone with ADHD. You are very likely to forget things like calling up a client, paying bills, or remembering any details essential to run your business. For this, you must keep daily to-do lists, set reminders on the alarm clock, or inform someone of your activities for the day, and they can cross-check them with you so that you do not forget or get distracted from doing them. Wind back all your clocks an hour or 30 minutes to never be late for your appointments. There is a lot of technology that can help with these types of things.

 The art of saying no

This is probably something easier said than done. For someone with ADHD, where you keep thinking that you are causing inconvenience to others, it is often that you feel you are at fault, so you would dismiss behaviors by clients like being late or constantly having to please them when the client themselves are at fault. You cannot please everyone, especially in business, so it is easier for you to say no and not take the onus of everything on yourself. Say no to a meeting if you do not feel sure that you can give out your best or if you are already preoccupied with other work.


Your brain needs rest to be at its best every day. You do not need to do yoga or some tense exercise; instead, just give yourself time, connect with nature and do something as simple as breathing exercises. This helps keep you calm, and you do not feel tired of being in a monotonous routine. Making time for this ensures you are not under the constant pressure of getting work done but are also prioritizing your mental peace.

You are likely to manage your time and business a lot better if you follow these tips and place your well-being before other things, yet not compromising your productivity.

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