Five Things You Should Know About SR22 Insurance


More than any other form of transportation in the U.S., cars are used for driving to and from work, social activities, and everything in between. This is why it can become very inconvenient when a driver has their driving license revoked and suspended. It’s compulsory for a person whose license is suspended or revoked to ensure that their auto insurance company files a sr22 certificate with the Department of Motor Vehicles (abbreviated as DMV). Many drivers, however, don’t know much about this form of insurance. Drivers without a valid license would like to know more about s22, what is the procedure for getting it, how much is sr22 insurance, and the length of time that the sr22 is required by the DMV so that the driver can drive again.

SR22 Insurance
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1. What is SR22?

The U.S. government has made it compulsory for any driver violating traffic rules to get an s22 certificate from the insurance company which he is using if he wishes to get the driving license reinstated. The sr22 certifies that the driver is insured for an amount, which meets the minimum liability coverage of the government and is then forwarded to the DMV so that it reinstates the certificate of the driver. This ensures that if the driver will violate any traffic rule in future, the insurance company will compensate for the losses.

2. When is the SR22 required?

A driving license is usually revoked or suspended when a driver has violated the traffic rules is involved in an accident or is caught driving under the influence of alcohol or other reasons. This makes the driver a high-risk driver, so the DMV has taken precautions to ensure that the insurance company is aware of the fact. This means that the insurance company has to file a sr22 with the DMV. If the driver without a valid license does not wish to drive vehicles after the incident, he does not have to get a sr22. If the driver has access to cars which he does not own, he will have to get a non-owners sr22.

3. How much does sr22 insurance cost?

Though the amount varies depending on the insurance company selected, it also depends on the driving experience, age, gender, history, marital status, residential address, it’s observed that the sr22 can cost between $300 and $800. Additionally, the driver should be aware that applying for sr22 can substantially increase the amount of auto insurance premium they will have to pay in future. Some companies will insist that the entire insurance premium is paid upfront before issuing a sr22. The auto insurance company will also charge an amount which varies from $25 to $50 to file the sr22 with the DMV. After receiving the sr22, the DMV may charge more than $125 to reinstate the license of the driver who had violated a traffic rule.

4. Procedure for getting a sr22

The driver who is asked to get a sr22 will contact the car insurance company he is using. However, the insurance company will contact the DMV to find out why the sr22 is required, and when informed about the traffic violation, it will either terminate the insurance or issue the sr22. The auto insurance premiums to be paid are likely to increase. The driver with an invalid license is free to check with any vehicle insurance company to get sr22 which meets his requirement.

5. For how long will sr22 be required?

The sr22 should be filed with DMV for a period of three years, though it can be extended to a period of five years. If the insurance company or driver cancels the policy, a new sr22 is required, if the driver wishes to retain his license.