Things To Plan For When Moving To A New Premises

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For one reason or another, the time has come to move to a new business premises. You are ready to move your business to somewhere new – you’ve found the ideal location, you’ve put a deposit down, and you’ve got a move-in date. Now all you need is to plan the moving process itself, something which can be incredibly stressful to navigate through.

However, that being said, just because moving business premises can be stressful, that doesn’t mean that it has to be. Believe it or not, you can make the process less stressful, and much easier for yourself, if you are smart about how you go about it. With that in mind, below is a guide to what you need to plan for to make the moving process as free of stress as possible.

Move on a weekend

If possible, aim to move your business to its new premises on a weekend, that way there should be minimal disruption to how your company functions and operates. Obviously, while things get set up once again, there may be some disruption, but by doing the bulk of the work on the weekend, this should be minimal. Make sure that if you require any help with the moving process and getting your systems set back up again, such as IT relocation support that is offered by, you take the time to organize it. The last thing you want is Monday to come around and nothing to be working properly.

Hire a professional packing and cleaning service

Not keen to waste precious time packing and then cleaning your old premises? Then why not hire a professional service to deal with this aspect of your move for you? Just think, by doing so you can reduce the stress that you are under and make life much easier for yourself, and your team members too. Working with a reliable moving company is a huge time saver and you should definitely consider all the benefits you get from that.

Have a schedule

You should find the lead up to the move and the move itself less stressful if you have a schedule in place. The fact is that when it comes to moving your business from one premises to another, it’s always going to be stressful, but if you put a schedule in place, you can make things much easier for yourself and your team members. If it helps to put your mind at ease, incorporate a tick list into your schedule, so that you can tick things off as they are completed. You will feel so much better about things if you can see tasks being ticked off the list as they are completed, putting your mind at rest that everything is on track to be completed on time. You may find the check list from useful for this.

Moving your business premises is always going to be hugely stressful, but the fact is there are ways that you can reduce how stressful it is. If you are smart about it and take note of the tips above and implement them in your moving processes, then you can ensure that when it comes to your business’s move to a new premises, things are much less stressful than you thought they would be.

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