Making It as Easy as Can Be for Your Customers

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In order to make some money, your business needs its customers. And, the only way your business is going to draw these customers and then retain them is by making the whole process between it and them, where it provides a service and they pay it for this service, as easy as can be.  So, as your business’s owner, you simply have to make sure this is the case! You simply have to make sure that your business’s customers — no, YOUR customers — find everything to do with your business to be as easy and simple as can be.

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For advice on how to do this, make sure to read on.

Cut the jargon

When your customers do not have a clue what they are being sold, how do you expect it to be easy for them to part with their money and take up whatever it is you are offering them? The simple answer is: you cannot expect that to happen at all. No, when you confuse your customers with industry based jargon and begin to blind them with science you enter a dangerous customer service realm: one where you make yourself very susceptible to losing the custom that is laid out on a plate for you. You enter this realm because, quite simple, not every customer of yours is going to be a diehard fan of your industry or be well versed in its topics and themes. So, in order to make everything as easy as can be for ALL of your customers, cut the jargon. Cut the jargon because jargon makes things difficult for casual customers!

Welcome and encourage questions

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Similarly, if a customer doesn’t know absolutely everything in regards to what you are selling them, can you really expect them to buy anything from you? Again, no you can’t. And, the best way to ensure that they know everything you need them to know is not to blind them with science by bombarding them with information for minutes on end, but to have them ask questions. When you encourage question asking on the customer’s part you will be able to be sure that the parts of your business and service that are bothering them are covered, and when these parts are covered you will make inducing custom from them far easier. So, make sure you and your employees aren’t hogging all of the conversation when it comes to customer communication, and make sure customer questions are prompted at all times.

Make sure they receive everything that is promised to them

If you make a promise then you must keep it. This rings true in all aspects of life, but most prominently in the world of business. Simply, if you promise something to a customer, then you must follow through and deliver whatever it is you have promised to deliver. You must do this because this is what makes things as easy as can be for your customers. So, if you promise to send off and ship a specific product to a customer when they have paid for it, make sure it reaches them in one piece and on time! Make sure this is the case by covering all aspects of the delivery fulfillment process, from having to calculate DIM weight to getting a reputable delivery service to do your delivering to following up and ensuring that the product made it to the customer on time. Make sure you do these things, and the customer’s experience with your business will be made as easy as can be.

If you want to maintain relationships with your customers, then you simply must be making everything as easy for them as it can be. So, take the advice above and make sure this is the case!

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