How To Use Customized Water Bottles to Promote Your Business?

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  • Savvy business owners are using custom water bottles to boost their branding efforts.

When it comes to promoting your business, there are a few tried and true methods. Advertisements, social media, a web presence, and generally engaging with your clients are all good ways to do it effectively. Pens, keychains, and calendars all make fantastic promo items but sometimes you can’t beat the humble water bottle as a promotional tool. Water Bottles are fun, can be quite unique, and are pragmatic as well. After all, who couldn’t use an extra water bottle or two? If you’ve never considered using water bottles as promotional, here’s a short guide on how and why to do it.

Why Water Bottles Are Great Promotional Tools

Everybody needs to drink water. After all, our bodies are made of mostly water, so staying hydrated is essential. What makes water bottles such a fantastic promotional tool? To begin with, many people like to have a water bottle with them at all times. Certain generations, like Gen X and millennials tend to use their water bottles constantly. According to Brand studies from 2019, Gen X especially has a tendency to use their water bottle as much as possible. If you want to appeal to a wide range of different customers, then water bottles seem like a sure-fire bet. Ultimately, a promotional water bottle can generate a ton of impressions, possibly some leads, and definitely some conversions. Water bottles are also a very durable and high-end gift when it all comes down to it. Bottles can last a very long time depending on their construction and work their way through everyday use. Aside from that, customizing water bottles with your information — more on this in a bit — can generate interest in your company.

Types of Water Bottles

When we discuss the different types of water bottles, we’re mostly referring to the materials used in their construction. There are four main types of materials used in water bottles. These are plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, and glass. Each one has a different level of durability and is ideal for different use. Plastic water bottles are inexpensive and can be a great giveaway item. They really aren’t meant to hold hot drinks though. Aluminum bottles are a good choice for some insulation and cost reduction (not to mention being pretty safe), but keep in mind they can dent easily. For the ultimate in water bottles, stainless steel is the way to go. Stainless steel water bottles are durable, long-lasting, and often insulated meaning that they offer the best of every world. They can cost a little bit more but they are ultimately worth it. Glass water bottles also have some pros and cons, but they can be a little bit fragile. They’re ideal if you’re looking to sell a more upscale and classy item. As far as the bottle caps go, you can get twist caps, straw caps, or sports bottle caps that ultimately give your customers more options. Tumblers are another good choice that offer a similar experience to insulated stainless steel, but are more intended for hot drinks.

Ways To Customize Them

So, how can you customize your water bottles to make sure that the people who see them are interested in your business afterward? It ultimately comes down to creating something that’s eye-popping and unique while maintaining your brand sensibilities. Go for something fun, festive, and interesting with the design. Pick unique colors. Make sure the bottles have a higher capacity. 32 oz bottles are a great choice for most people. It’s just the right amount of liquid to get you hydrated without being too much. It’s also easy to refill that much and still remain hydrated. For people who want something bigger, go with a 64 oz. You can also make slightly smaller bottles like a 16 or 20 oz capacity available for your clientele. Customizing them is half the fun. You should consider putting your company logo in a prominent spot on your custom, branded water bottles is ideal. To further enhance the customization and really make them appeal to your customers, consider going with a fancy finish like metal or wood. Once you fully customize and realize how you want your water bottles to appear, it’s time to sell them or give them away to your customers and potential clients. 

Sponsorships and Trade Shows

So, other than selling them, what are some good ways to get your custom water bottles out into the world? 

Trade Shows are another option for giving away, raffling, or even selling your customized water bottles. Since the purpose of a trade show is getting to know vendors and other people within your industry, you can generate a lot of positive attitudes toward your business. That might eventually lead to deals with these other organizations and possibly sending some other customers your way. If you’re at a convention, you can hand them out to people who might be interested. Finally, sponsorships, charity, and donations can be excellent distribution methods for your custom water bottles.

Gifts and Giveaways

If sponsorships and trade shows aren’t your thing, then consider doing a giveaway or giving them out as gifts. A water bottle makes an ideal gift. After all, who wouldn’t benefit from having something so versatile and useful in their daily life? Give them to family and friends. Consider doing a raffle at your shop or through your online portals/social media. Participate in various giveaways at point of sale or when somebody expresses interest in your organization. Ultimately, getting your name out there on a custom water bottle is not a bad thing at all so giving away a few of these awesome promotional items can eventually benefit everyone from you and your business all the way to the present and future customer.

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