How To React When Your Business is Compromised

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It’s never fun when you are comprised. The effort it takes to develop a business can often put you on the back foot here, especially if this is your first outing. After all, the daily contributions in time and effort you must place into all departments of your firm can certainly leave you vulnerable to being taken advantage of.

There are many ways to react to a situation like this. Some are preventative, and some will require you take care of your business after the fact. We have listed a few of them here in order to give you the tools necessary to develop in the way that is most proximal to recovery:

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Before something like this happens, it pays to ensure you understand its possibility. Even small businesses can be targeted. It might be a small business being intruded at night, or a simply daylight robbery that occurs. For this reason, ensuring that you lock up at night, that you have strong CCTV to capture anyone who breaks in and ignores the alarm system. Give your staff training during the day. Them handing over your daily or banked earnings is infinitely more preferable to them becoming injured or losing their lives, so ensure that staff policy is detailed in this manner.

Also, use IT systems that allow you to react to certain intrusions. Singularity Networks allow you to do this, and with a strong IT department in your stead, you can potentially stop an attack in its tracks. After all, most of the world runs online these days, and so understanding all angles of attack can be very beneficial in a connected and global environment.

Mitigate Losses

You will likely lose something in this attempt if you are not one hundred percent accurate in your defense. This means mitigating losses. If you can limit them by ensuring staff know how to proceed in the case of being compromised, that works. This means keeping strong communication lines in your business, having strong contents and personal insurance, as well as blaming the relevant failures where they occur. For example, if you see a security guard neglecting to attend to their post despite your many thousands a year investment in them, you might have some legal framework to work with. Mitigating losses is going to vary in different situations, but it’s no less important to do. With this in mind, you are likely to be much more successful and willing to come to a financial solution, and patch the avenue of attack from ever occurring again.


After this event happens, it’s worth conducting a full blown audit of your systems. This means ensuring that you develop in a manner that prevents these issues from ever occurring again. It might mean launching a full blown investigation into what went wrong and who was responsible for letting this unwarranted entry take place. An audit can yield you answers, not only with who to blame but what systems are simply no longer functional for the task at hand. After this audit, there is a higher chance that the same event will not take place twice.

With this in mind, the unfortunate incident can be used to strengthen you and your firm.

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