EMERGE App Review: An App That Facilitates Stock Management

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Business is growing but you happen to lose track of inventory levels? Overloaded with information that made you lose customers, and even paid for or sold something that wasn’t even in your storage? EMERGE App is designed to manage inventory and sales for businesses of all sizes and cherish their needs.

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What is EMERGE?

EMERGE  is a startup company sharing the same name with the app, with the goal to help SMBs to tackle inventory needs and for anyone that has difficulty managing large number of products.  Emerge App is designed to help you with your business, to solve simple accounting problems, order processing, fulfilment tracking and so on.

The app was primarily built for wholesalers and distributors, and helps them solve inventory headaches, keeps track of multi-sales inventory and currency specifications. But if you are, for example, a brick and mortar retailer, with Emerge app you can sell online using platforms like Shopify, Amazon, eBay and more. So, the app proves useful for companies that sell custom merchandise.  Makes sense since company’s founder Benjamin Yee, started his entrepreneurship running custom t-shirt prints. We can only guess how much he hated managing, since Emerge took 17.800 hours and 450,000 lines of code to be built.

This App is perfect for startup companies that fail with accounting as their business grows. EMERGE App is an inventory management tool widely used by wholesalers and small businesses, with all of accounts on one dashboard and with sharp efficiency for keeping track of profits and losses.

Ease of adaptation

Yet, if you want to use EMERGE App for an e-commerce business, it is convenient for conventional and dropship e-commerce. (If a customer demands quote at once) You can save quotations and invoices as PDF (and send them over email), and you can keep track of stocks and sales. Emerge also has in mind that your business may attract customers from around the globe, and some of them may not be proficient in English. In that case, App allows you to customize documents and invoices in any language needed.

Good thing about the App is that you can keep your track of multiple sales (no need for micro-managing each shopfront), and it notifies you when stocks are low. Also, back-to-back orders from customers won’t present a problem if you’re busy, the app handles hundreds of orders at a time.

EMERGE App is still integrating with e-commerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify and woocommerce. It also integrates with ecommerce marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and Etsy.

Also, if your business had been using other programs (like Microsoft Office) you can upload your entire inventory.  EMERGE App is suitable for everyone, it is adapted to you, no need for previous experience.

It works only if online

Since EMERGE App is 100% cloud-based, and EMERGE App is a web browser-based application, (found at you can access it from almost any device as long as you have a smartphone or a pc. It has only one downside for being cloud-based, that it can’t be used offline, all changes on EMERGE App are saved in real time. But, if you have any problems, being customer or not, they have a team of experts waiting to handle any problems from start to finish. When it comes to closure, EMERGE App keeps all of your business information safe and no one can see them except you.

Affordable pricing

Monthly billing starts at $39.99 (it also depends on how many users use EMERGE App) and quarterly at $32.9 (you can save 17%). Monthly plan includes account manager, premium features and unlimited orders. But if you like the app, you can purchase a 6-month plan, and the best option is $26.9 yearly plan. You can see how convenient pricing makes EMERGE App attractive.

(Conclusion) By far, successful

EMERGE App is by far, committed to internationalization. It can be seen for their support of a number of currencies (important for drop shippers), proving useful for companies that work worldwide. To this point in time, five different companies have chosen to trust their business to their app.

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