Climbing The Ladder: Industries With The Best Upward Mobility

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When you are focused on getting the most from your working career, the one thing you have to keep your eye on is the chance for upward mobility. Upward mobility means the opportunities that you have for promotion in a role; the opportunity to take steps up the career ladder, increasing your experience and earning potential as you go.

If you are focused on this aspect of your career, then you should find the following list helpful. It contains three industries that have excellent opportunities for upward mobility; industries where you can start on the bottom rung, and progress to reach the heights at the very top of the ladder.

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Option One: Hospitality

Most of us go through a period in our lives where we work in hospitality; we bartend for a summer during college, or wait tables as a side hustle. Hospitality work is often seen in this light; as a side-gig, something you do while you wait for other opportunities– and that means you may be overlooking the career mobility that these jobs provide.

From wait staff through to management, there are plenty of upwardly-mobile roles that can be achieved in the hospitality industry. This is an industry that likes to hire people with front line experience, so you can start at the basic level and then slowly progress. The ultimate “side hustle” job may actually be the start of your career advancement to the top.

Option Two: Construction

As with hospitality, commercial construction jobs have a great reputation for upward mobility. You can begin with the basics, then work your way up to various related roles; management, strategy, planning, or project management, are all feasible targets This is an industry that benefits from insider knowledge, so if you have worked in the entry-level positions, you will have gained valuable insight into how companies operate and how projects can be completed in the most efficient timescale. This makes you a valuable asset to any potential employer.

Furthermore, experienced commercial construction workers are always going to be of value wherever your future takes you. This is a career that can allow you to travel and work on overseas projects, so there’s plenty of excitement to be found in this dynamic industry.

Option Three: Warehouse Work

As with hospitality, working in a warehouse is often seen as a side-gig, or something you do while you’re waiting for your main career goals to pan out. However, if you can be patient, you might be surprised at just how upwardly mobile warehouse work will be.

You can move from the basic work of moving items into areas such as picking, packing, management, supervising, and stock control. So much goes into running a warehouse, so there are plenty of opportunities that your experience on the main floor will help to prepare you for.


The above are three industries which offer genuine opportunities for upward mobility in your career. If you’re wanting to ensure you are always moving in the right direction, these three areas are perfect places to start– so why not give one a try?

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