Career Change On The Cards? 4 Signs It’s Time For A Change

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The leaves are falling and the children are back to school. It’s that time of year again where change begins, but you’re not changing. You’re still in the old job that you’ve always been in, trudging to work with little to no motivation to do your job. You need to try and find the passion that you had once you started the job in the first place, so that you can be the best that you can be at it.

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You’ve been overlooked more than enough times for the promotion you’ve been working towards, your salary sucks and everything feels like it needs to shift. You are ready for change, and that means it could be time to start seeking the dream career you’ve always wished that you had but never had the guts to go and get. Your talents need to be remembered, nurtured, and you should feel special in a role that excites you from day one. Whether you want to do your residential contractor’s license and start again in a new job, or you want to improve your skills in your existing one, change is here and it’s time to grab it. Let’s have a look at four signs that it’s time for something new.

Your Body Says So

That tense feeling rippling across your shoulders, the exhaustion, the struggle to concentrate – it’s all pointing to the fact that you just don’t want to be where you are. The headaches and tension in your body are telling you that you don’t want to go, so you’re reacting to your surroundings. It’s a sign – you’re in a job you shouldn’t be in!

It’s The Money

If you are only in the place you are staying because of what they’re paying you, you shouldn’t be there. If your heart isn’t in the job, no salary is worth it. You need to try to find a role that suits your soul as well as your lifestyle, so that you’re not being paid to sacrifice your own happiness.

You’re Daydreaming

Are you sitting and staring out of the office at the outside world, wishing that you were a part of it and working outside? You shouldn’t be in an office if you’re yearning for an outdoor role. Even if it means that you go back to school and get licensed as a contractor, take the chance to go and do something that makes that soul of yours sing instead of feeling bad.

You Feel Disconnected

There is every chance that when you started your job, you loved every minute of it. Over time, you’ve become disillusioned with the role and you now need to spend more time doing something creative. Take a moment and just decide whether you still feel passionate about the role that you are in. If the answer is no, then you shouldn’t be in it anymore.

Finding a new job that speaks to you is important – and now you know what to look for to know that it truly is time for change.

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