6 Tips for Starting a Signage Company

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Signage can cover a broad range of specialist areas, so if you’re thinking about starting your own signage company, you need to be very clear about your goals. It’s not easy to launch a new business, and the signage sector is particularly challenging due to the high number of potential competitors. However, as the various forms of signage continue to provide high levels of value for businesses and individuals, there remains much scope for establishing a market share. From identifying the best services and products to offer to know how to use the vital equipment, here are some tips for starting your signage company that will help ensure that you can establish a firmer footing.

starting a signage company

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Start with Research

All businesses need to conduct extensive market research before moving forward to launch. You need to ensure that there is customer demand for what you offer and identify what services your competitors are not offering. The more you can learn about what those competitors are doing, the easier it will be to find the right approach to your company’s development. You should ensure that you are up to date on the latest changes in this sector and that you stay current in terms of both emerging trends and new technologies.

Create a Business Plan

Your business plan needs to cover every possible consideration. That means as well as the details of your competitors and target audience; you also need to add financial forecasts and details about how you plan to fund your business. There are plenty of templates available online for making better business plans, so make sure that you use the available resources. Business plans are essential because they can help you to clarify exactly what your needs are and can highlight potential trouble areas.

Consider Your Financial resources

Most new businesses will need equipment, and a signage company is particularly reliant on having the right tools. You need to be able to invest in printers that are suitable for signs or materials, as well as plenty of mylar sheets for your stencils. If money is tight, consider looking at small business loans or equipment financing. These can make it much easier to get up and running more quickly but be aware that some loan types will take longer to process than others.

The Workspace

There are options to consider when it comes to your workspace. You might be dreaming of a fantastically laid out brick and mortar store where you can display what you sell in creative and imaginative ways. However, in the early days of your business, you may be able to manage your company from home. Make sure that you check local zoning ordinances to see if this is an option. Renting a brick and mortar store should certainly be an option to consider, but that comes with additional issues. Location, suitability, and potential for when you grow should all be factored into your decision.

Buy What You Need

This will depend on what you offer. You’re going to need all the vital installation equipment and sign-making resources, but you may also need to invest in transport as well. This is vital if you are offering any form of delivery service. This is where your business plan will be particularly useful, as it should contain a list of every single piece of equipment that you need. Have a list of what is essential, but also have a secondary list of needs that would be useful to have. While that second list shouldn’t be a priority, it can be useful for identifying targets to aim for so that you can continue to offer more services and start to scale-up.

Get Legal Advice

You’re going to need help when it comes to the legal side of launching a new business. With the different legal requirements in each state, it can be very easy to miss some vital legal necessity, and that could leave you exposed to fines. You will also need to check your insurance requirements, especially if you offer sign installation on the property of your customers. Protect your business by making sure that you have all of your legal requirements covered, your taxes paid, and that you have extensive insurance coverage.

A signage company can be a niche business, but it can also be a fantastic opportunity. Take your time to build the right foundation, and you could be establishing your name and carving out your market share more easily than you think.

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