5 Reasons Beverly Hills Real Estate Brokers Are Such Lucrative Businesses

If you want to run a successful real estate company, it is always a good idea to find the right market. As the old adage of the real estate business says, it is all about “location, location, location.” You are going to want to look at markets with a lot of room to grow your real estate business.

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One of the best places to start a real estate business is in Beverly Hills. There are a lot of great opportunities for real estate brokers there. One of the reasons Beverly Hills real estate brokers stand to make so much money is that the property values are so high.

There’s luxury real estate, and then there’s luxury real estate in Beverly hills. The famous estate near to Los Angeles is popular among movie stars, celebrities, and business execs who made their fortune in the state and takes luxury living to the next level.

But what kind of features do these home have?

Acres Of Ocean Front

Oceanfront might be at a premium in Los Angeles, but nobody told the residents of Beverly hills. The recently-constructed home at 31100 Broad Beach Road has more than 100 feet of oceanfront, setting back any buyer a cool $35 million. The home also has hardwood throughout, like many mid century luxury homes in Los Angeles, and a state-of-the-art custom theatre – presumably for the Hollywood director who can afford to buy it.

Two-Story Libraries

Very few celebrities these days spend hours in their libraries, educating themselves with the great works of history. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t want vast repositories of books in their homes; they do.

27 Beverley Park Terrace, also on sale for more than $35 million, offers a two-story library, complete with fully stocked, full-height bookcases for you to keep all your books, just in case you run out of space on your Amazon Kindle. The home also has a 40-foot ceiling with crown molding, a gym, and separate guest quarters for complete privacy.

Massage Rooms

The average house has a kitchen, bathroom, a couple of bedrooms, and a living room. If you’re very middle class, you have a dining room too. But the house at 825 N Whittier Drive – selling for $35 million – has 12 bathrooms, seven bedrooms, and a special room in which the owner can receive regular massages. What exactly constitutes a massage room remains unclear, but it probably involves a lot of oil, steam, and a big, comfortable platform on which to lie.

Wet Bars

What’s the use of an infinity pool if you can’t grab drinks from the bar half-way through your swim without getting out? Zilch.

That’s why the architect behind 200 Deflern Drive – a property valued at more than $40 million – decided to include a wet bar in the design of the home. The owner can enjoy a swim in their infinity pool with views over Los Angeles and then grab a drink from the bar without ever having to exit the pool. It sounds like a dream come true.

Indoor-Outdoor Swimming Pool

Having a swimming pool that is just indoors or just outdoors is so passé. Today, the wealthy of Beverly Hills want pools that are both. Indoor-outdoor pools are similar in concept to the indoor-outdoor spaces common in many modern homes. The idea is that you can transition between the two and that there are no walls in the way.

Finding a property with an indoor-outdoor pool was once tricky, even for the super-rich. But thanks to the Hacienda de la Paz at $53 million, you can now buy one. The Spanish-style property also comes with Italian marble, four living rooms, and a gym.