5 Apps Every Business Owner Should Have

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If you’re a business owner who wears multiple hats, you must find ways to make your life easier. Since working smarter beats working harder, you should learn to do just that.

Up to 90% of sickness and disease is related to stress. So, if you’re stretching yourself too thin at work and often find yourself running on empty, you’ll get stressed out. That can lead to burnout, a weakened immune system, and severe health challenges that are hard to overcome.

In addition to setting a realistic work schedule, delegating responsibilities, and knowing when to say “no,” you should also consider downloading some helpful apps to your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device.

While being tethered to technology can introduce stress into your life since you’ll be on-call 24/7, adding some time-saving apps can simplify your life in the workplace.

Here are five apps every business owner should have and why they’re worth downloading.

1. Microsoft 365

One app you should have on your phone is Microsoft 365. It used to be called Microsoft Office 365. Whether or not you already use this productivity software, you’ve likely heard about it. Consider downloading it onto your smartphone or some other mobile device to edit documents on the go. It’s available on iOS and Android, and it’s worth having.

Yes, there are other productivity software packages out there. But, let’s face it – the productivity software suite previously known as Microsoft Office is ubiquitous. That means there won’t be much, if any, of a learning curve to get used to using the app version of the software.

2. FreshBooks

Another app to consider downloading onto your personal mobile device is FreshBooks. It’s a popular cloud-based accounting application. And it’s just the sort of solution that is a godsend for small businesses that want to ensure their accounting practices are on point. When FreshBooks is downloaded to your smartphone, you’ll have features like time tracking, invoicing, and expense tracking right in the palm of your hand.

3. PayPal

Another app no small business owner should be without is PayPal. You can pay workers, vendors, and more. Creating and tracking invoices, processing credit card payments, and conducting business online is also easy. You can integrate PayPal into your e-commerce storefront so that it’s simple for customers to patronize your company. PayPal is well known, so consumers won’t balk about paying for products listed on your website via PayPal.

4. Asana

If you need project management software, consider Asana. It’s one of the go-to names in the space. You can use it to assign projects, set due dates, make comments, and keep everyone accountable. Using Asana via an app on your phone will be especially useful if you have a remote workforce. People will be able to work together, no matter their location.

5. Avast Business Antivirus

When using phones or tablets for business purposes, it pays to get the right tools. Anti-span, firewall, and email protection are just some of the things you’ll want. Downloading Avast Business Antivirus will make it easy to safeguard the mobile devices you and your workforce use day in and day out. You can go with the free version to test things out, but upgrading to a paid edition will entitle you to extra features worth having. With the threat of cyberattacks a reality for businesses of all sizes, you can’t afford to drag your feet on antivirus tools.

While there are apps for many things you’ll need to do as a business owner, apps alone aren’t enough. Sometimes you’ll have to roll up your sleeves to get things done. For instance, landscaping is essential if you want your business office’s exterior to reflect well on your company. While software won’t cut your grass, trim your bushes, and gather your leaves, investing in the right garden equipment will make easy work of what otherwise would be a chore.

Again, it’s about working smarter — not necessarily working harder. Getting the right apps or equipment can save time, help you achieve objectives, and keep your stress level in check.

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