4 Engaging Ways To Make Money Off Your Novel

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Making your novel lucrative is every author’s dream and goal…and it doesn’t need to be rocket science!

There’s more to getting published than meets the eye. Once your novel is out in the world, there comes the question of how you can increase your earnings. Depending on if you’ve published with a publishing house or worked with an online self-publishing company, your earnings may vary. But fear not, here are a few popular ways to make money off your novel.

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Diversify your Format

Publishing your novel in several different formats is one of the more common ways to make money. It allows you to reach a wider range of people and hits several markets at once. Including audio, digital and print markets.

Monetize your Novel’s Features

Creating merchandise based on aspects of your books can be fun for both you and your readers. Are you into witchcraft yourself? Make commission character-themed tarot cards. Are you in love with coffee or other warm beverages? Map covered mugs are a thing! This way, you not only make money off your novel but also give your future readers a taste of your story.

Attend Speaking Engagements

It may be the grand age of technology, but speaking in front of an audience about your work isn’t too old school. This method works especially well if you’re writing from a new perspective or on an important topic. Schools, conferences, and readings are a few good examples of profitable speaking engagements.

Connect with Hollywood

Take a note out of Stephen King’s book and turn your novel into a film or show. Granted this is a lot easier said than done, there’s no cooler way to make money off your novel than to see it on big screens.

No matter how you choose to make money off your novel, there is one thing to remember: your journey is unique to you!

There isn’t one perfect example of how to make money off your book. How much time and energy you put into your novel will impact the time it takes for you to reach your financial goal. The important thing is to enjoy your process, no matter the length.

Got More Questions? Want More Options?

There’s no shortage of ways to monetize your novel, all it takes is the right marketing plan and a solid team at your back.

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