3 Career Ideas For Property Lovers

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If you are property obsessed, there are all sorts of career moves you could make to channel your passion and make a fair buck or two as well. Getting into the property industry will take some investment, though possibly not as much as you might think. And there are so many advantages to being an entrepreneur, it will be well worth taking a leap in the end.

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Here are 3 career ideas to get you started.


If you love properties, one of the easiest ways to enter the industry is by becoming a realtor. This job may seem simple, but actually it relies on your ability to understand the complexities of human instinct and working between the buyer and the seller to get a good deal all round – and for yourself as well!

You will find that you need to advise sellers on how best to present their homes and to learn quickly how to value a property in order to achieve the best results. Sometimes you will simply be looking for a high offer without a particular deadline, others will be looking for a quick sale. Finding the balance is what you are being paid for.

If you want to know more, have a look at this blog for some great insights:

Interior Designer

If you are less interested in making sales, perhaps interior design is more up your street? This is a fun and creative job that will allow you to make use of all those ideas you have but simply don’t have room in your own house to explore!

Restaurants, businesses and hotels are all likely to require an interior designer to help them realise the potential their space has. Similarly, if you can form a partnership with an architect, you will find that there is plenty of business out there for you to pitch for. Get a portfolio together (use your own house!) to show your potential clients what your skills are like.


A riskier proposition might be to go into housing development. This is a fairly simple process on paper: buy a house, do it up, sell it on, invest the profit in the next project. However, you need to be able to spot potential in these buildings and be aware that there could be all sorts of problems like rot or issues with foundation that you just won’t see until you start the process.

However, this kind of work does have the potential to really boost your income, especially if you already have lots of trade skills at your disposal. Aspects of both interior design and realty come into this venture too, as you will need to make sure that the end result is appeal enough to persuade the buyers to part with enough cash to make you a healthy profit.

Everybody needs somewhere to live and though the housing market certainly has its ups and downs, it can be a very lucrative place to set up a business. Using your skills, you can easily make a living from any of these roles. Now you just have to choose which is best for you…

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