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Not every company needs a tagline. Google, Facebook and Amazon don’t utilize them, but only because they’re such huge brands. They are already incredibly memorable and universally known at this point.

Although they don’t need a tagline, most other enterprises do. If you have a small business or your larger establishment is starting to really soar, you’ll need something to hook people in.

A tagline’s main purpose is to give people an idea of what your company is about while still sounding catchy.

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GE’s “imagination at work” or Nike’s “just do it” provide people with a general idea of what they should expect from their products. They also give the workforce something to rally around. With a little luck, maybe it’ll even help you stand out from the crowd.

Every new business needs a tagline, but you have to come up with something original, short and catchy. You also don’t want to pay a ton of money for the slogan. Lucky for you, there are tons of tagline generators just waiting for you to use. Here several really good ones worth looking into.

1. pretty much prides itself on cool, catchy and unlimited taglines. You only have to type in a keyword, and the website will give you as many usable slogans as you want for free. It is similar to others out there, but it’s also very easy to use.


This one is a lot like, since you only have to type in a keyword and the site will give you a slogan free of charge. However, you can also embed this generator on other websites, giving it a mobile feel.

3. Procato’s Advertising Slogan Generator

Procato is less of a generator and more of a database for previously used slogans and taglines. When you enter a keyword, it will come with an original tagline based on popular, successful ones of the past.

4. Designhill Slogan Maker

By entering a keyword into this generator, you’ll get tons of different slogans of all varieties, including really long ones. You can also copy the taglines with a click of a button, allowing you to look at all the ones that interest you much easier.


Much like others that came before it, this generator is free, fast and works by searching for a keyword to create an original tagline., however, also advises on how to search, including mixing up keywords to get different phrases.

6. Free Slogan Generator

This slogan generator is similar to the others, allowing you to find taglines with just a keyword. You just click on the Generate My Slogan button, and you’ll get tons of original options to use for your business.

7. Shopify Slogan Maker

While Shopify’s generator has the same format as the others, what with entering a keyword and getting random slogans for free, this one works a little differently. The algorithm for Shopify is more advanced, so you get taglines related to your keyword and business that aren’t just random words put together. This helps you find what you need faster.

8. Getsocio Slogan Maker

Shopify and Getsocio have a lot in common, including having tons of tools other than just tagline generators to help get your business rolling. Their generator works with keywords, but also adds filters so you can get a lot more specific.

9. The Surrealist Advertising Slogan Generator

You put in your keyword and get some great slogans for you to use. What makes The Surrealist different from the rest is that this one is more for advertising campaign slogans instead of business taglines.

10. Oberlo Slogan Generator

Oberlo’s generator works the same — you add in a keyword to get a ton of random slogans to thumb through. However, they all use the same template and don’t have much in the way of diversity or originality.

How to Make Your Own Tagline

If you’re using these generators to come up with ideas rather than an actual slogan, then you’re on a good start to a great tagline. There are just a few things you should remember when you’re trying to come up with your own slogan. It helps to learn from successes like Bounty’s “the quicker picker-upper” and EA’s “challenge everything.”

First, you’ll need a short tagline — no longer than five words that are consistent with your company’s vision. You’ll also want something different from your competitors that still resonates with your target audience.

Finally, don’t forget to choose something that’s timeless. For example, Verizon’s “can you hear me now?” campaign didn’t age well once every cellphone carrier got a clear reception.

Learn From Past Mistakes

Even big companies have made a few flops. One takeaway is that your slogan really needs to be about your business in some form. When the National Pork Board changed from “the other white meat” to “pork, be inspired,” there was some confusion there. In 2012, Pepsi came out with the slogan “live for now” that gave the vague sense of doom not usually present in a soda brand.

You can’t forget about the timeless quality, either. If you have a good slogan that works, mixing it up might garner you some attention — but not all of it is good. Maxwell House’s change from “good to the last drop” changed to “better beans make better coffee.”

This isn’t only obvious but is also painfully generic and doesn’t help the company stand out. Being different is one of the major reasons businesses get taglines in the first place.

Be Memorable

No matter what you sell, you want potential consumers to remember you — and hopefully inspire your workforce while you’re at it. Whether you call it a tagline, slogan or motto, the words you choose will come to define your company.

You don’t want to be unoriginal and boring to your target audience. Figure something out that can leave a lasting impression and get more people to notice what you have to offer.

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