Top Custom Promo Product Ideas for Your Business

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As many of the startups do not have the budget for their marketing campaigns to take the market’s attention right away, they play it smart. You’d ask how? It’s simple. By investing smartly. By putting their budget on promotional products such as custom paper bags, custom cookies, personalized backpacks, and diaries, startups are making a dent on niche marketing on a whole new level. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the best custom product ideas for businesses:

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Custom paper bags

Custom paper bags will have your company’s logo and slogan imprinted; color coordinated with your company’s color theme. These pages are environment-friendly are they are fully recyclable. In a way, your company will be seen associated with a cause which is friendly with nature and the environment. Paper bags are used to take care of day to day functions. These paper bags will come in handy to try out your new marketing campaigns. To test how a potential customer is reacting to your marketing and promotional campaigns, you can have a dry run by implementing that in custom paper bags.

Custom stress balls

Stress balls are in high demand nowadays. In an office setup, almost everyone if clenching their fists on a poor stress ball which helps the employees to calm down in pressurized work environment. While people laugh out on the idea of creating personalized stress balls, there are some companies which are already successfully doing it- on a mass scale. First of all, these balls come for a very low price. Secondly, customizing these balls do not require much of professional work. It is still fundamental, and the printing area is less when compared to a t-shirt or a bag.

Custom pens

Making a customized pen is simple yet effective. Don’t let anyone tell you that the pen is not in demand now. You are not looking to compete with the pen manufacturing companies. What you need is to use those pens in such a way that they perform promotional duties for your company. By designing a custom pen with your logo and giving it away promotionally, you are substantially increasing your potential customers are clients. Do not overdo the customization as the pen would look messy and ugly. Make it eye-catching and classy to listen and hold.

Sports water bottle

Sporty water bottles are replacing ordinary conventional plastic water bottles in offices, schools, and colleges. It is the prime time to get in the bottle game and have your promotional activities started. After partnering up with a proper sports water bottle manufacturer, you can get it designed with any in house designer who knows what people are looking for. You don’t have to go out of your budget to hire a professional design to design a custom bottle for you. Afterall, you will be giving the bottle away inside custom paper bags with your logo- for free. Promotional products should always be free of cost, and you shouldn’t look to earn any money directly through them. It essentially kills the entire idea of having promotional products for your company.

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