Easy Ways to Rocket Your Business Marketing on a Budget

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If you know that you need to market your business but you are on a budget then you have to remember that you are not alone. So many businesses find themselves in this situation every single year but there are things that you can do to try and make the most out of your potential and without any compromise.

business marketing on budget

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SEO and Social media

It is a known fact that Google does not use any social media activity as a factor when it comes to your ranking. There is however a strong correlation between them both. One case study shows that a company’s own website ranking is increased by nearly 7% when they have a social media page and any status that you post under your social media account also show up under a Google search as well so it is well worth staying up to date on your Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn. The main thing that you have to remember is that you don’t have to sign up to every single social media site out there. In fact, if you do then it could seriously hurt your business. Instead, you just need to sign up to the ones that are going to help you reach your customer demographic.

Your Site

Sure, you can DIY your site from scratch but this can have a huge impact on your success as a company. If you want to try and get around all of this then you do need to make sure that you are putting the work in to make it look professional. One thing that you can do to try and make this happen is invest in a free landing page. When you do this, you can then take advantage of having that professional look without breaking the bank. You also need to make sure that you are using professional photos where possible and that you are also taking into account your SEO and even your Metadata as well.


They say that content is king and this is most certainly the case when it comes to your site. Content is a major factor when it comes to your SEO and you do have to make sure that you are putting the work in to try and make it the best that it can be. The main thing that you have to do here is hire a professional. No matter what you do and no matter how hard you try, sometimes you just can’t construct content as good as you’d like and this is because you haven’t spent years on end training how to do it. Copywriting services are now more affordable than ever and when you are only needing a couple of pages you will soon find that you have nothing to worry about.

So, there are many things that you can do to try and make the most out of your site and when you follow the above tips, you will soon see how easy it is for you to get a better ranking without breaking the bank.

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