Cutting Costs With Killer Marketing? It Can Be Done!

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Every business owner knows that fantastic marketing is key to success on the market. Without marketing, it’s true to say, we think you’ll agree, that your business will be dead in the water. But how do you make sure that the promotion is at the right level? You will have to pay a price and it becomes something of a juggling act as business owners attempt to keep costs low while marketing standards remain high.

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You might even think it impossible to get fantastic marketing on a low budget. Of course, this is not the case and many businesses will achieve fantastic levels of marketing, even with their budget under a tight control. Let’s look at some of the ways to achieve this while ensuring that you do avoid some of the pitfalls of attempting to significantly cut costs in this area.

Shop Around the Market

It’s always going to be beneficial to shop around the marketing when looking for a service or solution that your business can trust. Marketing is no different and by shopping around the market, you can get a good idea of the type of price points that you should expect and the cost that you could need to pay. You’ll find the general range as well as average price points and discover an affordable SEO agency. There will be outliers of course and these are often too expensive or so cheap there’s no way that they will be providing a high-quality service.

Be very careful of marketing companies that can provide you with a fixed cost of their service immediately after you land on their website. The chances of them actually being able to deliver a service you can trust are slim to say the least.

Once you have shopped around the market, you should have a few different companies to compare and consider. Ask for a quote only when they have all explored your brand, the state of your current promotional campaign and of course the level of reach you have online.

Look For Deals

You also need to make sure that you explore different deals online too. Marketing companies are like any other and this means that they do offer deals and options on their services. For instance, you might think that Black Friday and similar times of year are exclusive to retail companies but this is not the case. Marketing companies also promoted their services with Black Friday possibilities in 2018. While it might seem like a small saving, when it comes to your company budget, it really is a matter of every little helps. You might also find that you can make the competitive atmosphere on the market work in your favor. To do this, simply let a company or service know that you are exploring other possibilities. They should be able to immediately offer you a fantastic possibility or two to sweeten the deal a little more.

Utilize Free Options

You may not be aware of this, but there are ways to market for free online. So, let’s look at some of the options of how to do this and whether or not you should. The first is the DIY marketing campaign and this simply means that you will choose to avoid using any marketing company or service completely. You can do this but you need to make sure that you or someone on your team is well aware of how marketing digitally works. In other words, you don’t want to sleepwalk into a potential Blackhat marketing campaign.

Another option is to work on social media. With social media, you will be accessing a tool with massive potential that will not need any money injected into it. Some people dismiss the idea of a successful social marketing campaign without spending a dime. However, it is an option and one that should be considered if you know how to use profiles correctly. For instance, understanding how hashtags work and operate as part of increasing levels of shares is a useful trick that every business owner should perhaps have up their sleeve.

Free marketing can also be achieved by accessing and utilizing the power of the media. This is about making sure that the press print stories or publish information about your business that isn’t a paid advertisement. To do that, you need to make sure that your business is newsworthy. This can be anything from support for a charity to a potentially key step in helping a local community. It might also be guerilla marketing.

Go Guerilla

Guerilla marketing is a tactic where you can see a tremendous level of growth from promotion without spending the same level of money. How you do this and whether or not you are successful will largely depend on the concept of going viral. Loosely translated, going viral refers to a piece of content or media that is shared over one million times online. This does translate into higher levels of sales.

There are plenty of examples of guerilla marketing. However, anything that creates a buzz around your brand and gets people talking positively about your business is probably worth exploring.

Target It

You need to also think about what areas of marketing you want to target. While this won’t lead to a free promotional campaign it can help you keep costs in check while still ensuring you see high levels of success. For instance, as well as choosing the social media promotion you need, you can also think about whether you want paid or organic SEO advances. Obviously, hitting each and every aspect of promotion and marketing would be useful. But, if you can’t do this, targeting the types that could help you is a smart way forward.


Finally, if you are using a marketing company, do make sure that you focus on scalability. This means that they will be able to craft a great campaign around your budget. The general idea here is that a marketing campaign for a small website with one thousand monthly visitors can’t have the same level of promotion as Apple, but both companies can see a comparative level of success based on their size.

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