4 Signs of Workers that Are a Good Fit for Remote Work

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Finding the perfect team for your business can be challenging, even more so when you are limited only to workers that can fully commit to working from your physical location. While it is possible to find some candidates, who can fit that criteria there is also a chance of underutilizing the talents and contributions of prospective employees or contractors that can provide their services from a remote location. Thanks to advances in technology and the transition to communication on digital platforms, working from has become increasingly easier, and in some cases more practical for certain types of employees. However, for businesses that are just starting to open up to the possibility of remote opportunities for their workers, there may be some uncertainty as to whether or not there is an adequate setup for it to be a success. However, by recognizing the signs of a good potential telecommuting employee, it is possible for businesses to increase the pool of talent from which they can choose to work for their organization and to find the best fit for their staffing needs.

1. Qualifications

When aiming for the best employees, it’s no secret that a candidate’s resume is one of the biggest factors in the selection process. For those hiring remote workers who have never worked in an organization’s physical location, a strong resume along with reliable references will be even more crucial. Like most other routine hiring practices, one can further gauge competence through a series of interviews which can be done via a telephone call, video conference, and even in-office. While the candidate will be likely working from home, it can be useful to meet them in person and train them in-house to get a feel for their level of competency firsthand.

2. Home Office

Once a worker has proven competency through the interview and orientation process, or perhaps through previous experience in a business’s physical location, management may likely feel more confident in allowing this individual to work from another location. While some candidates may perform well in a traditional business setting, there may be some hesitation to allow them to telecommute if their alternate location is not conducive to the work they will be doing. For example, it is important to consider if this person has a distraction-free, dedicated workspace such as a home office complete with high-speed internet connection for transmitting work quickly and efficiently. For business matters that require an even more consistent and reliable network, it may be necessary to consult a PBX systems guide or other resources that can help improve your employee’s workspace.

3. Reliability

While the flexibility of working from home can seem like an attractive incentive for many workers looking for alternative work opportunities, the reality is that it may always be a practical fit for everyone in terms of lifestyle and work style. The best candidates for remote work are likely those that have demonstrated the ability to maintain the same quality of work done in a timely manner in a variety of situations. This may be easier to gauge with workers that have had previous experience in a business’s physical location, but for new employees or contractors jumping straight into remote work, it can be very important to heed the advice from other employers who have used these candidates in similar work environments.

4. Transparency

With distance being a major concern with workers that work remotely, transparency is even more imperative. Since it is challenging to physically see these individuals in action, it is understandable that there may be some hesitation to allow remote work. However, it may be easier to allow the prospects of remote work opportunities when workers demonstrate a willingness for transparency. If workers seem more receptive to the possibility of frequent check-ins, monitoring software or apps for hourly or salaried workers, and other types of oversight tools, they may be good fits for remote work.

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