3 Best Options for Assisting Employees with Injuries

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Employees are all different and that’s what makes each of them have the ability to drive your business toward success. Each of them live different lives outside of work, many of which you know nothing about. An employee can be fine one day, all happy and smiles but the next day they can turn up with a bad injury. If they are unable to work, what can you do to manage without them? Well firstly, you need to help them with anything they might need from you. Maybe they were working on a project and they don’t want to lose input now that they are unable to carry it further. Perhaps they are injured enough to not be able to work, but can still lend their expertise and mind to solve problems. Helping them find a way to stay financially strong is also your responsibility so work closely with them to make the process smoother.

In their place

If it’s possible, allow the employee with the injury to school another employee to be in their place for the time being. This will give them a sense of more control over the direction of their work. This is crucial when you’re working on a project and each member’s role is going to matter uniquely. If the employee is unable to come in and show them, then a simple phone call will be just as good. Talk with the employee and take some key notes about what they were working on and how to proceed forward. This will mean their work does not slouch and suffer as a result of their absence.

Accommodating their discomfort

If the employee is able and willing to come to work even with an injury, make their workstation and general discomfort more adaptable. If they need a cushion to sit on to help with their hip injury, then use one from the sofa seating area. Allow them to bring their own pillow to work which they can sit on. If they are on crutches due to a leg break, then allowing them a better space to work at is a great idea. Switches their office and or desk with another employee to make their situation less stressful. If they have an eye injury and cannot see out of both eyes, then allow them to work a little slower than the rest. Perhaps assign another employee to help them during the day.

Staying at home

Sometimes an employee just cannot come into work due to their injury. They will be concerned about their pay for the weeks or days they are off. Consider talking to a workers’ compensation lawyer that can guide on how you could possibly help the injured employee. Paid leave is not always standard from company to company. However, if they have been injured due to something that happened at work, then this is something you need to consider.

The more you help an employee get back to full health, the quicker they can get back to performing their role. This means less profit is lost and work standards are kept high.

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