New Year, New Business: What Changes Should You Make In 2020?

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The new year is nearly upon us, so what better excuse than a new year to get some new stuff for your business. It could be new equipment, new staff or new branding. A new year brings changes and a shift in focus, and perhaps new priorities to make sure you don’t get left behind your competition. So what are you going to do differently in 2020? And what should you acquire, or do that’s new for the new year?

new year and new business

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Green Initiatives

If you don’t already do this, then perhaps this could be your business’s new year’s resolution to go green. Even if it’s just making a more conscious effort to turn things off and to recycle or you switch to a green energy supplier and save money on your bills as well as energy.

A New Website

Can you find your website via a Search Engine? How long does your website take to load? Can you update it yourself? Is your website suitable for people using mobile devices? Can your visitors find what they want? Do you like other sites more? These are all signs that it’s time for a new website. Your website is essentially the shop window to your business now, and yours isn’t up to scratch, then it’s time to consult a website design agency and do something about it.

New Branding

Is 2020 an appropriate time for you to change your branding? How long have you had your current logo and colors? When looking at new branding, it’s essential to keep your identity, and it’s vital to be recognized, but it’s also important not to look dated. Your company needs to stand out and be viewed as an industry leader, not an old dinosaur that doesn’t know what it’s doing anymore, and sadly image is what people go off. The definition of branding is “a marketing practice in which a company creates a name, symbol, or design that is easily identifiable as belonging to the company.” Branding helps people to identify products, and it helps to set them aside from other similar products and services. Branding almost like a first impression, it needs to make a memorable impression on your consumers, but it also needs to tell your customers and clients what they can expect from you and your company.

New Staff

Is it time for some fresh blood in your company? A pair of fresh eyes, a new opinion, and some new talent? If you don’t have anyone you need to replace, then perhaps 2020 is the time to look at where you could expand and what else you could be doing? Do you need someone to work on your social media, for example? Someone, to make videos for your company? Perhaps you need someone to start writing a blog for your company? The new staff doesn’t have to mean a load of full-timers, you could employ someone part-time or even hire some freelancers who can bring new ideas to your company and a fresh perspective on things.

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