Everything You Need to Know to Encourage Customer Loyalty

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Customer loyalty is one of the most neglected areas of commerce. This is absolutely bizarre, as returning customers mean returning profit. Many small business owners may think that once a deal is closed and a sale is made, that’s the end of that. They can rejoice at the profit and move on to the next customer. But really you want someone to be so happy with your products and service that they wouldn’t even consider spending their cash with anyone else. This secures profit, directing cash towards your business as opposed to the bank accounts of competitors within your field of operation. What’s more? They’re more likely to leave positive reviews and recommend what you have to offer to their family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and the numerous people who may be following their social media feeds. In short, it’s extremely beneficial for you and your pocket if you have a base of content and loyal customers. Here are a few ways to keep them on side.

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Prioritize User Experience

User experience is the overall experience that a customer has when engaging with you as a brand. As you can imagine, this covers some pretty expansive ground. For help in this area, contact an agency specializing in user experience who will be able to guide you through every step of the way; from understand your company’s goals to drafting the journey, and generating UX flow.

Implement Loyalty Initiatives and Schemes

Chances are that you have various loyalty cards scattered through your purse, wallet, or bag. We root through them every time we go to pay for something with a frequented company and don’t want to miss out on the benefits involved with holding a loyalty card. There are various initiatives and schemes out there, so it can often be difficult to work out which is best for your brand. Two of the most popular options, however, are stamp cards and points cards. Stamp cards generally work on the basis of you receiving a stamp when you spend a certain amount in-store. After a certain number of stamps have been collected, you get something for free or a discount on your next purchase. The second option involves swiping or scanning your card each time you purchase with a certain store in order to accumulate points which can be cashed in later down the line. Usually the value of collected points can be put towards the costs of something new later down the line.

Take Feedback Into Account

If a customer makes a complaint or files a recommendation with you, take heed. If they return in the future to see that you’ve taken their advice, or rectified a previously problematic situation, they will be truly grateful. You can expect to see them spending with you more often, as you have essentially acknowledged that you respect their opinion, comfort, and happiness.

These simple steps will help to make customers feel rewarded and have the best experience possible with your brand. Expect to see them return time and time again!

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