Back then, when we think of business owners and top executives in businesses, we think of men. They are deemed as the more powerful sex. They can command the company and be great leaders. The society was set up in a very patriarchal way that women are left on the sidelines. This is no longer the truth today.

In fact, women have become empowered that they can take on almost anything that men can, including being a business owner. There are hundreds of businesses in the United States today where women are in charge. They have started the company and are making the shots. They have proven that an industry that was once dominated by men can also be led by a woman.

Despite several setbacks that we’ve seen when it comes to gender equality, it is still great to know that there are women who keep moving forward. They did not let societal norms stop them from being on top of what they are doing. This only means that in the future, we will see more women on top of every business. Though this remains to be a fact in other parts of the world, it is great that some countries are leading the way.

The best part is that these businesses have been successful not only in terms of income, but also in employing hundreds upon thousands of people. They have also started businesses that are not just meant to rake money, but to also be of help to other people. Usually, businesses owned by women are focused on health, education and entertainment. They have combined their personal advocacy and passion with a creative business idea.

This is definitely a great leap forward for women not just in the US, but around the world. If you are curious about what other facts there are regarding businesses owned by women, we have compiled an infographic below for you. This will give you an idea on how successful these businesses are and how women have proven that they can do anything that they put their hearts and minds into.

7 Incredible Facts About Women Owned Businesses