Backdoor: Are You Giving People Access To Your Business?

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Security is one of the most crucial fields in modern business. With near-constant news stories about companies losing data, cybercrime going unnoticed, and the threats which come from overseas, it’s all too easy to find yourself worrying about this side of your company. For some businesses, this won’t be too important, with the details they collect being very minimal. Of course, though, you may not fall into this category, and might be giving the wrong people access to your business. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the biggest backdoors companies are leaving open in the modern world.

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To start, it’s time to think about your employees. While people like this may not like their jobs, most won’t do anything deliberate to sabotage your business, and the risks which they present are often as a result of poor training and policies. For example, if your users are using the same passwords for years on end, it will be far easier for this to be found by criminals, making it worth enforcing rules which make everyone change their passwords each month. Along with this, two-factor authentication and biometric security can also be very helpful. Most modern companies will train their teams to make sure that they handle data and information securely.

Outdated Technology

It’s easy to assume that the big investments you’ve made in the past will still be relevant today, though the world of security can move very quickly. Security products can quickly become out of date, leaving your business open to those who have found exploits, and this can be very damaging. For example, if you have an old CCTV system which is connected to your network, it will be essential that your servers have the right security in place to stop people from gaining remote access without permission. Companies like can be a powerful resource when you’re going through this, giving you access to the expertise you need to be able to secure your business from any threat, while equipping you with the right tools for the job.


Physical crime is becoming rarer in a world which is filled with CCTV and other methods to prevent people from getting away with their acts. The level of protection which a lot of businesses have can put those who aren’t protected at greater risk, though, as it will make any blindspots you have around your business very obvious. For example, if you have any areas around your business which aren’t covered by CCTV, it won’t take long for prospective criminals to plan their entry. Having more lines of defense, like alarms and lights, can help with this, but will be useless if a break in occurs and those responsible have vanished by the time security personnel arrive.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of protecting your business from the wrong sorts of people. In a world filled with crime, it can be hard to keep yourself out of trouble, though there are plenty of tools which can plug the gaps in your security.

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