Why Going Digital Can’t Replace Face-to-Face Interactions

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In an era where you can buy anything you need in a click from your smartphone, it seems contradictory to promote face-to-face meetings and interactions for businesses. Indeed, the digital revolution has dramatically improved day-to-day processes, creating a streamlined, connected, and remote workplace. Employees who have fought for the right to telework might struggle to perceive the advantage of physical meetings. More importantly, smart tools such as Google Analytics have maximized the potential of digital data, enabling marketers to utilize the knowledge extracted from online visits. In the real world, there is, unfortunately, no such thing as face-to-face analytics. However, marketers and business leaders reckon that live interactions can boost the success of a company and establish their brand.

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It creates meaningful contacts

First of all, while there are plenty of networking platforms online – LinkedIn is one of the most critical platforms for professionals, for instance – they can’t replace the positive results of traditional networking events. Indeed, an event enables experts to introduce themselves using an elevator pitch. In a few words, you can give a glimpse of what your business is about without monopolizing someone’s time. As business decisions rarely occur on the spot, your interlocutors will want your contact details – your business card – to share your idea with their board of directors. But, more importantly, you can use the time you spend with your contacts to build a friendly impression and virtually get your foot in the door.

People need time to get to know you

You can find everything you need online. However, digital experts have observed that the level of interest that users have in your products grows with their purchase readiness. Indeed, the first contact is superficial. Users who are ready to buy spend more time reading your company history, product features, etc. As a result, virtual appointments can result in one interlocutor sending information via URLs. However, it’s likely that if nobody is purchase-ready, the links will not be checked. Face-to-face interactions, however, let you maximize printing services to create brochures that your lead will consult in due time. Indeed, it’s a lot more convenient to keep printed materials in a drawer of your desk than to dive into your mailbox to figure out which email you received two months ago was relevant.

It showcases your personality

Would you describe a website as being charismatic? The answer is no. However, you would describe a business expert as someone who’s got charisma. An influential and approachable personality is a passionate communicator who can sweep everybody along at a networking event. Charismatic individuals have a natural presence in the room, which can not only help to establish new contacts but also to pursue leads more effectively. There’s no digital equivalent. While online marketers can actively tag web visits and remarket their brand and products to boost conversions, they cannot charm visitors.

There is no denying that face-to-face interactions can dramatically boost your business presence by providing a platform for meaningful, charming, and informative exchange. Ideally, you want a solid mixture of digital and face-to-face presence to establish your brand. While digital can act as a first and final touchpoint, you can use live interactions as a way to drive your audience interest.

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