What Businesses In The Paint And Coatings Industry Need To Know

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The paint and coatings industry needs high-quality chemicals to make high-performance products and to complete difficult tasks. If you work fora business within this industry, you should find a supplier with years of experience in the field and an innovative portfolio in order to get these chemicals.

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New and inventive chemical materials can improve formulas and create better results with adhesion, durability and resistance to corrosion or other chemicals. You can acquire these ingenious solutions from the supplier CCC Chemicals, which serves a variety of markets within the industry including architectural coatings, automotive coatings, industrial coatings, sealants, inks and paints. CCC Chemicals has been a monumental influence as a distributor of top-rate materials for almost a hundred years. They are currently one of the largest independent distributors in Canada, and they are the tenth largest in the continent. If you want to invest in the latest chemical solutions for your business, you should browse their diverse portfolio of options—the massive selection has been acquired through partnerships with market leaders from across the globe.

The portfolio lists a range of essential chemical products that would be of great interest to any business within the paint and coatings industry — for instance, silane based-additives could be a crucial ingredient in your product’s formula. The supplier carries CoatOSil courtesy of Momentive Performance Materials, which is a line of silane based-additives that work in coatings for oily metal, plastic, wood and glass. These specific additives can fix an abundance of issues regarding leveling, anti-blocking, wetting, foam control, slip and flow. Here is a brief list of product needs that this range of chemicals can expertly address:

  • Certain silane based-additives can better the scrub resistance of acrylic latex paints, while also making sure they are shelf-stable and non-yellowing. It’s important to boost the endurance of this type of paint because it is commonly used for items that withstand a lot of physical contact like furniture and doors.
  • The line carries additives with super-wetting properties, which is optimal for coating and ink formulas.
  • The line also includes products that have anti-corrosive properties to help with the longevity and functionality of painted metals.

This innovative chemical supplier will do much more for businesses in the Canadian paints and coatings industry than offer a range of superior products — they will also offer impeccable services so that businesses are completely satisfied with their customer experience. They offer extensive care for any client, going so far as to custom blend confidential chemical formulas in their certified facilities. They can even package and store large orders in their facilities, allowing clients to choose the most opportune time for delivery. A supplier like CCC Chemicals works tirelessly to guarantee that their clients are taken care of and that all of their needs are met.

Businesses in the painting and coatings industry need to be aware of the amazing products and services that are offered by certain chemical suppliers. If they choose the right company, they will enhance the performance of their products and be at the receiving end of dedicated customer service.

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