5 Tips for Running a Business that Offers Services Outdoors in Winter

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  • Entrepreneurs that work outdoors must take all proper steps to stay healthy in the winter.

Many entrepreneurs dream about starting a business that allows them to work outside, since it can improve their well-being. The idea sounds appealing during periods of the year where it is relatively comfortable outside.

Unfortunately, running a business where you need to spend a lot of time outdoors is going to be a lot less bearable in the winter. You are going to find that being outdoors can be a lot less comfortable after the temperature drops significantly. You are going to need to be realistic about your ability to cope with challenging weather and prepare accordingly.

What steps can you take to ensure that you stay comfortable working outside during the winter? Some of the most important tips to stay healthy and boost productivity during the winter are listed below.

Always wear at the appropriate winter attire

It is surprising how many people that live in cold climates their entire lives still don’t dress appropriately. This might not seem like a big deal to those that are only outside for brief periods of time.

Unfortunately, the consequences of underdressing in the winter could be catastrophic if you are going to need to be outside for an extended length of time, which is why you should wear good clothes like snood supplies. You might be surprised how quickly hypothermia will start to set in.

It doesn’t have to be very cold for hypothermia to be a risk. You can start to risk developing this condition in temperatures as low as 50°F if it is damp or rainy outside.

You can reduce the risk considerably by wearing the right clothes. You should wear multiple layers of clothing to keep yourself as warm as possible. It is important to make sure that the clothing is not too tight, because it can be too constructive and cause circulation problems. A thick sweatshirt and a good winter jacket should make all the difference.

Make sure that you have an indoor shelter that you can use for regular breaks

You might not feel that it is too cold outside when you are working for half an hour. However, the cold weather will eventually start to take its toll on you. Even if it is 40° or so outside, you might start to feel the effects if you are outdoors for a prolonged period of time.

It is very important to take frequent breaks in a shelter where you can warm yourself up. This is more feasible with some outdoor business models than others. If you have a physical building that you can be inside, then you will want to try doing as much work indoors as possible. You should at least try to go inside for a few minutes every hour to warm up. You can also try to have a similar arrangement with another business owner with a local presence if you need to travel to a different site.

Sometimes, your business is going to require you to be in an area where you are segregated from any dwellings. In these circumstances, your only recourse might be to ring your car. Make sure that your vehicle is dependable, so you can turn the heat on to warm up when necessary.

Drink warm beverages

It should go without saying that warmer beverages will make a big difference. They will help you stay warm if you drink them regularly.

Eat foods that are rich in calories

Your body is going to need to use a lot of energy to maintain homeostasis during the winter. You will have an easier time keeping your core body temperature up if you consume enough calories. Try eating nuts, jerky, potato chips, cheese and other calorie dense foods.

Have enough employees that you can rotate in shifts

You’re going to need to always make sure that you have enough employees on staff as a business owner. You may need to hire more people if needed. However, this is going to be even more important if you are working outside in the winter.

You and your employees are going to need to regularly rotate, so nobody gets too cold. The last thing that you or any of your employees want is to stay outside too long in the cold because nobody is around to take over their shift.

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